Can anything else go wrong?
This is the Thanksgiving song.

(Franchesca) This Thanksgiving is so perfect and I have a perfect date,
But I don't want to get fat so I'll say I already ate.
Will is so damn cute and I think he is the one,
One day I hope that I can have his son.

(Will) She's looking at me expecting me to flirt,
But I only brought her because Tony had to work.
So quit touching me that way because it ain't going down,
As a matter of fact that's him texting me now.

(Jill) I can't believe she showed up late with that hardened fruit cake,
And trying to outdo me in that dress.
I hope she knows she looks a mess.
Didn't she get the text? I'm the one sleeping with her ex.

(Alex) Go grab me some eggnog, actually make it eight.
Here's to drinking myself into a better place.
I proceed to sail away, depart from this dock.
Park my Mayflower in front of a Plymouth Rock.

(DeStorm) What's with this corny-ass music? It's giving me a headache.
And I wonder who made the mac and cheese.
Well then your mom's a bad cook, don't give me that dirty look.
She should have given you a better recipe.

(Franchesca) We'll move out to the Hamptons, get a big house and a dog.
We'll only wear J. Crew and London Fog.
We'll have an awesome wedding and get married on the hill.
And of course my maid of honor will be Jill.

(Alex) Just did a number on that toilet, but played it off really slick.
Man you know I like 'em thick, like that Miranda Cosgrove trick.
So get ready for the stuffing and help yourself to the gravy.
If I had that genie from Aladdin, I'd wish to rap like slim shady.

...You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you want it,
You better never let it go... You only got one shot...

(Jill) Destorm hates the food, Will misses his boo,
Franchesca has a fake smile on her face.
I think Alex is on drugs and I'm really fed up,
This is the last time I'll have this at my place.

(DeStorm) My God she has no clue, she thinks that her and Jill are friends.
Wish I could smoke a bong, please lord forgive me for my sins.
I'll tell her Will is gay so she can leave him.
Then me her and Jill can have a threesome.

(Will) This was the worst meal ever, should've let me cook it my way.
So glad this party's over... TIME FOR SHOPPING! (Black Friday)
Don't act like you didn't know you met me at the gay bar.
Girl it's time for me to go, plus Tony's waiting in the car.

At the end of the day it all goes our way.
We waited all year long for the Thanksgiving song.

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