I like what you wear and I like how you move
If I was staring it's because I'm in the mood
I'm down with your love, come on hold out your hand
I'll take you where I'm going, you wanna see the promised land

I tell you yes but you tell me no
I ask why, you never let me know
You close your eyes, I hold you tight
But it's no surprise, I got no where to go
Even if I try try, If I lie
You're never gonna leave, leave me alone
I'm going home, you call my bluff
I can't get enough, can't get enough

I can't get enough

Give me a little time, take my mind anywhere
Put on something special, anything, I don't care
Just don't tell your friends, there's nothing left to see
Cause if it gets around, it gets around, it's the end of me


I can't get enough

Don't blame yourself maybe I had too much to drink
One less margarita, one more trip to the shrink--come on!


I can't get enough

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    General CommentAlways surprised when one of my favorite songs has no comments! Also a little disappointed- I was kind of hoping somebody would explain their interpretation of this sing. I think it's about a guy that can't get it up, but I'm sure there are other ideas out there.
    Lilypoppon June 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI kinda think the song's about a crazy relationship, but through the disagreements and such, the couple sticks together, because they enjoy the crazy aspect of their relationship. :D

    lol Hope someone comes up with something better! I love the song, and love Rooney!
    chocolatemusubion July 01, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti'm pretty sure it's about a fucked up relationship between two fucked up people and alcoholics?
    clonazepam5mgon July 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about how he wants to have sex with her, but either she's not ready, or she just doesn't want to. And every time he asks her why, she doesn't give him an answer. He holds her, he tries to change her mind about it, but she still doesn't budge. What he means by saying "I'm going home, you call my bluff I can't get enough" He's saying that even if he threatens that he's leaving her or whatever, she knows he's lying and that he's still going to stick around and she's right because he can't get enough of her.

    Also what he means when he says "Just don't tell your friends there's nothing left to see, cause if it gets around it's the end of me." He's saying basically don't tell anyone that we haven't had sex yet cause if it gets around I'll be made fun of. You get it? He's saying that the girl he loves won't let him 'have it' yet and its driving him crazy, but he can't get enough of her, so he's going to keep being with her. Like she's playing hard to get, y'know? Hope that makes sense :)
    macattack17on August 10, 2010   Link

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