I can't believe what you have done to me
I can't believe what you tried to pretend to be
I can't waste time and ask you why I say to you
"Eat shit and die"

Fuck you to everyone who thinks I'm a joke
Fuck you to every girl and every word you spoke
For every kid who has pain that he could do without
I say to you, "Don't just let it out"

Another day, another headache
Another heart and another break

I feel rejected by everything I see
I can't tell anyone I'm so fucking crazy
And when I think I've had enough
And when I think I should give up
I see your picture on my shelf
And I lie to myself and I smile
Pretend it's okay, we're friends again
Somebody please take me away from this place

Fuck you to everyone who has believed in me
I look in the mirror and I hate what I see
I want to hurt myself more than you ever would
And I know I hate myself more than you ever could
And I don't want to see your face
But let's pretend that I'm okay

I think I'm going to off myself pretty soon
Until then, we'll say that I'm okay
You laugh a lot, and oh, it's a joke
If you ever thought this way
Okay, your eyes ask mine if I'm doing alright
They always lie and say that I'm okay
She said, "I like to start with a broken heart
An rebuild to failure without memory"
We'll bullshit and if I like you a bit
All you'll get's a blank stare from me

You drag me down
And you kick me around
And we'll pretend that I'm fine
So I don't run

You won't admit
That you're a piece of shit
Until you see that
I was always the one

Smile, pretend it's okay
We're friends again
You've left me dying
And I'll never be right

Smile, pretend it's okay
We're friends again
You've forced me
Into saying goodnight

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