"Along came a biter" as written by and Paris Zax Regan Farquhar....
Everything is greater then till you show up (x5)

Force fit murders and corporate merger
are so "New world"
horseshit burgers keep force, and click cursors
make you "user friendly"
Compassionate conservatives who get maximum superlatives
is so "Neo Reaganomics" (there are certain no-no)
Claiming ownership of this Pangaea puzzle piece
is so "English settler"
? me on my out of body body builder's muscle beach
is so " Out of character for you
Seeing you underestimate how government officials ? and decimate
is so "up your alley"
And other world variety packs with apocalyptic anxiety tax
is so "1999"
So typical (you are)

Now this for obscene language and loud music
Which are now news clips of social under est
But it's a crowd-shooting mix
Cause i redden all the rubber flesh, I'm hunted by boba fett's
And these are the minimal of substance
I'm the political pundit, I'm cynical and unfit
For day to day life Ive got a pitiful pun kick
But at least I'm not on that criminal thug shit
Then they hide the doors that rape states right

And it was great and it was cool
But then along came this Biter
and he was so out of touch
so completely self indulgent
just so out to lunch
so when there's a writ need of a style of consultant and some school enrollment
people need help

Now those recorded on toaster ovens doing their over dubbin
Is so "20th century"
Giving sell buyers harsh pile drivers
Is so "me"
this machine kills Fascists and other unwanted guests
now when i improvise showers risk the skies from brain storm rain clouds
I'm Coltrane and Kurt Cobain's brain child
and you're soaking wet, wanting to use these rap sounds for your bath towels
My moods for a chin check, I'll give you this crank valve
so you can smoke it in a platinum album and feel at home
TV sprout seedlings that cheer bling bling and also force feed
footage of bombs over Baghdad to distract from my palms over scratch pads

And it was cool hunky dory
I wasn't hungry or horny
but then along came this biter
and he was so out of touch (so completely)
so completely self indulgent (totally)
just so out to lunch (out there)
so when there's a writ need of a style consultant and some school enrollment
style consultant school enrollment

do do
(turn this shit music, this goddamn hippie phase have fucked up the music...i'd like to get my hands on one those little bastards. Getting away with murder - sex, drugs.. pissing on America, fucking up the music.)


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