She be callin my name
Screamin real loud, I would think she was in pain
Niggas tried to tell me her head was insane
Everything she'd do took a toll on my brain
It seemed a little strange
She be callin my name

[Verse 1]

She don't got a name so for now let's call her ashley
Had her gym clothes on, seen her when she passed me
Met her up at Exxon, her body was the nicest
Cursin up a storm, she complainin bout the prices
She just left Toronto, for Jerz bought a condo
Know everything about her but we aint never had a convo
Pops wasnt around much, her mother raised her
Got so much in common that i dont like to face her
Her parents is dope heads, she dropped out of school too
Got the same tat's as me, and i found that unusual
Mad i smoke cigs said they bad for my own health
Said she'll never love me, cause i dont love my own self
Gave me the ass the first night, and I gladly tossed it
The best part was I aint have to ask for it
Her period dont ever come in, when i dick her down
She always runnin but she be callin my name


[Verse 2]

She like to scream so the neighbors might hear her
For some reason liked it in front of the mirror
Let me make it clearer
She be makin strange requests and I aint talkin bout just pullin her hair
She be sayin choke me like I lost all respect
And every time I do a mark show up on my neck
She say punch her, smack her, like im her attacker
I say you a fool, she say just do what I asked ya
I be goin slower till she tell me do it faster
Every time I'm out with her, niggas just harass her
I dont understand it, she's so unattractive
Shorty lookin terrible, plus she come with baggage
I tap it, though she below my average it deceives me
She be talkin marriage sayin she'll never leave me
I say imma bounce but I say I dont believe me
She fucks me every time she sees me


I be wantin to strangle her, throw her off the balcony
Dangle her, mangle her, how long have I carried this anger for
How come when we argue, we gotta get physical
we crucial conflict, she end up in critical
Habitual, happens daily like its her ritual
but show your face bitch, stop bein invisible
is it just my mental, is she just a symbol
there for me to look at everything that i resemble
sometimes during sex i blurt another name
do that mean i look at me and be ashamed
of cheatin on me,
wit a hottie, wit a body who so happen to embody
everything that i so happen to not be
I be tryna leave her, but then i get lenient
since im in this room alone, she becomes convenient.
then we lie together, cry together, I swear i hope we die together


I finally grew the balls to tell shorty we should separate
save your breath, nothin u can do to make me hesitate
theres no room for me and you to grow
dont love me, or leave me alone, do both did she
Apologize for anything that she did
said without me, she cant think of no reason to live
said she'll miss gettin piped down
then she picks up a shank
i had to tell the crazy bitch to put the knife down
cryin, eyeshadow on her face, filthy
feel me, if you kill you, its gonna kill me
really, she said you neglect me
i said we the same so, whatever you do is gonna affect me
you know i cant let it be, naw
so if we gotta stay together just to co-exist, so it is
she said i love you, and hugged me, took her pants off,
and proceeded to fuck me.


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