If you forget it all, I will bring it with me
If you can't find the sea, I will take you there

Green, you still know me by name

Even though I'm losing
Doesn't make me a loser yet
You still know me by name, Green
I'll still be Lady Daydream

She took it all from me
Now I can't find my place
Do you 'member me
Do you know my face?

It could all be a dream, Green

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    General Comment"Even though I'm losing
    Doesn't make me a loser yet"

    Such a sweet line. Her singing style is so unique. She holds that "yet" to the last possible second. I love it.
    DrakelikesNachoson September 24, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song really strikes an emotional chord in me. It says so little, yet says so much.

    What's cool about this song is that it can be taken lightly or very deep. For some it could just be about a girl who refers to herself as "Lady Daydream" to her person of interest, (Green), whom she seems to have a hopeless crush on and daydreams about, creating her own false reality inside her mind about herself and Green. (Almost like a high-school crush kind-of feel)

    On the flip-side, the more and more I listen to this song, I realize how sad it really is. Her voice so delicately enunciates certain parts of the song, evoking such a strong emotional sympathy for the singer. I feel like she's crying out, yearning for Green to come back. Looking deeper into the song, it's about a woman who desperately wants her former lover to come back to her. She's so caught up in her own head & trying to get him back that she simply can't separate reality from her dreams about him. But it's been so long she worries if he even remembers her.

    The 3rd verse is the turning-point of the whole song.. " She took it all from me" (The singer realizes Green has moved on with someone new). "Now I can't find my place" (Shows how much she loved and depended on Green, her world is now shattered). "Do you 'member me- do you know my face?" (Sudden realization that the heartbreak is real & Green is long gone).

    Truly such a beautiful song, a tear-jerker for sure.
    kaitlinkkon July 05, 2016   Link

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