I should thank you for what you've done.
As the troll rears its ugly head.
Read the warnings
Before you say
You will take an oath that will not break.

All the years and devotion out of the window.
My eyes are open but are we looking at the same thing?
Let it ride, take the trip, watch it shatter
Splinters the thickest of hearts and heads

I don't sweat it anymore.

When I was counting hours, you were counting breaths.
You said you can't remember, I swear I wont forget.
I've learned I just wont sweat it anymore.

When I was counting seconds, you were counting friends.
When the hour of rats begins, maybe its time to make amends.
We have known each other too long to be friends.

It seems to trivial in matters of life and death.
Cower, scream, stand up for what you've done.
Cower, scream, stand up

Let it ride, take the trip, watch it shatter.
Splinters the thickest of hearts and heads.
Scream, cower, hide from the shards of the hour of rats.

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    My InterpretationI can't believe no one has commented on this beast of a song. This is easily my favorite song by these dudes. Anyway I think this song is about two people who were good friends for a long time but then one of them betrayed the other and they had a falling out. I picture these two friends having their falling out and then suddenly being in a life or death situation and one of them is trying to make amends because the friendship was more important than anything else to that person, while the other only cares about himself and is panicking and unable to reconcile. I think The Hour of Rats is that moment where two friends put everything out there and they have to make a choice on whether or not they will remain friends.

    The riff that leads into the solo and the solo itself is one of my favorite moments in all of music.
    EarthIsGayon October 11, 2010   Link

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