"Get Well Soon" as written by and Lol/godley Creme....
I spend the night with Radio Luxembourg
Pop music crackles me to sleep
I tune the dial to Radio Luxembourg
It's better than counting sheep
I wrote away to Radio Caroline
I need to hear your saddest reggae song
And I'll wallow like a zombie in it
Tear up my Ipi Tombi ticket
Let chocolate buttons limbo under my tongue
I've never liked the taste of Lucozade
Another sip of hospital champagne
Charge your glasses "Radio Luxembourg"
Get well soon
Get well soon
Get well soon
Am I the only one tuned in to Luxembourg tonight
Do they only programme music to accompany my cough
Lousy words and drab percussion
Fading in and out of Russian
I haven't got the strength to turn it off
Get well soon, get well soon
Get well soon, get well soon
Get well soon, get well soon
208 - fabulous - 208
Fabulous - 208 - fabulous - 208
Contagious flu cold faint
Contagious flu cold faint
Contagious flu cold faint
Contagious flu!
I'm getting better thanks to Luxembourg
But I didn't stop to thank the radio
Today when I was downstairs eating
It's Ever Ready heart stopped beating
Was it just coincidence, who knows?
Get well soon, get well soon

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"Get Well Soon" as written by Kevin Godley Lol Creme

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    Song FactThis song is written from the POV of someone who's ill, ill enough to have to go to the hospital (or as G&C would say, go to hospital). His main companion is an AM radio, which he listens to Radio Luxembourg on. Radio Luxembourg was an AM station based in Luxembourg that targeted the UK--and being outside the UK, it could bypass UK laws giving the BBC a monopoly on radio and forbidding advertising. It broadcast on a wavelength of 208 meters (hence "Fabulous 208", a magazine associated with RL), or for us Americans, 1440 KHz. Radio Luxembourg inspired the pirate stations that broadcast to the UK in international waters. One such station was Radio Caroline, which the song mentions.

    Speaking of 208--there are a lot of RL jingles on YouTube, but a VERY cursory scan of just a few doesn't turn up anything resembling G&C's "Fabulous 208" in the bridge that morphs into "contagious flu cold faint". Anyone out there know whether they were inspired by a particular jingle?

    The character is not feeling well at all--he can't even turn the radio off. All he can manage to do is glug down his Lucozade, a Japanese Gatorade-like beverage marketed as an energy drink for the sick in the UK that this poor guy doesn't even like. He calls it "hospital champagne", something that one might drink for a toast, hence "Charge your glasses, Radio Luxembourg" (to charge one's glass is to fill it or have it filled so one can drink a toast).

    AM is a lot better for DXing (hearing distant stations) at night, and the European peninsula is pretty small by US standards. 800 miles east as the crow flies takes you from England to Belarus and Ukraine, and 1000 miles would take you at least to Moscow. If you do much AM listening at night in the US, you know that it's trivial to hear stations that far away or further at night (especially the "clear channel" 50 kW stations)--hence the "lousy words and bad percussion/fading in and out of Russian" as stations go on and off the air, ionospheric conditions change, and radio component values drift with temperature changes.

    It's a battery-powered radio--we know because of the possible coincidence of its "Ever Ready heart" (the batteries, presumably from Eveready) stopping when the character the singer represents gets well.
    jejones3141on May 14, 2018   Link

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