the twelve sons of an old master
according to his own plans had
fleeted from him to go after
the wonders of exotic lands

but the master had a house
and in the house there was a daughter
and the girl had a pretty mouth
and a household just to dote her

she wouldn't go for the money
and when she turned fourteen
she didn't ask for a pony
but wanted to play the violin

she figured a fiddle wasn't too loud
and the range of the instrument would suit her, oh,
how the master was proud
and he would promptly hire a tutor

and indeed it didn't take long
to pick a name on the classified list
not only samuel knew many songs
but he was renowned as an artist

and then the master said perfect
and with a motion of hand
he sent someone down to the ghetto
to get hold of this talented man

from then on samuel would be allowed
within the home of the master who warned him:
it is one thing to please a crowd
but it is another to teach a youngster

and samuel said well
i am reluctant to the test
but it seems I"m not given much choice here
i will do wahtever you ask

but first here is something you should hear:

you know to seek of harmony is a quest
from which a girl easily parts
the notes reside inside of her chest
and the chords all lay in her heart

and then the master was like:

well, my only daughter has more heart
than together all of my sons
you will be her instructor
and you will teach her lessons

and the masters daughters meditation cell
was located right above them
and as she overheart samuel
she already knew shed love him

the first class was going to be arranged
for the next day at 12:30
and he gave a girl of young age
all morning to make herself pretty

when what she needed actually
was really just to smile a little
she did, and naturally,
she charmed the heart of samuel

as he proceeded to show
how she should close her little fist
to hold and maneuver the bow
they kissed

he had crushes before her
but not like this one he could feel
and though he was her tutor
and she was his pupil, well,

he would learn from her
day after day
more than he could ever
teach her to play

she was far too young
and he was just a poor jew but
their desire was strong
and there was nothing they could do

the master couldnt tell
that the wonderful sounds he gushed to
were not only taught my samuel
but they came from an impassioned flesh to himself

after each and every lesson
he told samuel his joy
like a father to his son
like a father trusts his boy

and the music was as he expected
as one from a heavenly vision
that his baby was playing naked
on the lap of her companion

and she said father i am still your child
but i see how mad you could be
please let me be samuels bride
as he means everything to me

the master said well,

you two cannot be wed
i cannot agree to this union
he is poor and he wont share your bed
as he has no religion

she grabbed the nearest piece of clothing
and took the master by surprise
and started playing her violin
now decent to her fathers eyes

the music she came up with
was the nicest song of all
wrapped in her lover's tallit
as if it were a prayer shawl

and the master said, well

my princess i can tell
from the beauty of this sound here
that with your instructor samuel
a true love is found here

you two look good together
to take your heart would be a pity, see
i am not an abusive father
and i worship beauty

in all things of man and nature
in all colors green or red
in the past or in the future
in the living and the dead

and from now on and forever
may you be god's cattle and god's shield
may you two remain together
with my blessing as a shield

with my blessing as a shield

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