Oh, too often I find my self distracted big-time
Approximately quarter-lines, senses sane
Re-enacted on his behalf upon mind of all
To simulate, forgive me, hold captive
Even re-iterate, for lack of better you commits it's over-populate
The free standing that you put your grandkids present
I hate, to break it to us
But pledging allegiance was tip of the iceberg
Accumulations blow (?) and soups off process
It takes serious preparation and several centuries of turning the other cheek
Denominations, mans new best friend, a miracle cure for the end
You write all the moderation when there's nomadic corner
Ask them to type cast blood-sucking tyrants who leave first
To break the bigots two-way glass
Violence, grasps, ropes and an uncomfortable silence
Is talking about to no avail
If the shoe fits, see yourself out of, I insist
Non-zero, the long day, tomorrow, dysfunctional minimalist
There a method to the madnesses Inertia..

And who does deserve the decaying bowels of feudal system
At, and others feudal disposition
There, now, you needn't be a statician, or brain surgeon
To see where I'll.. lets say I'll look to be PC-cut
Stand for some TL care, or at least a last coat of paint there
We cover up the ugly floor, over the whole four chambered heart, two eyes and no tail
Deals enough for me, to establish a work ethic of equality, follow me
Good, someone's gotta be the leader, the one, though ironically
It's up to you to think... I-I mean drink, only your copious burden and chain-link
Suit the stubborn jewel, as you'll be shoe-starved and beaten by a robust tool
And be feeling eaten as that intestinal quarter to fool
Cheating yourselves' been done before, tried once already
Stored a value into you
Are there any level-heads in the house? I hope so
Far for y'all it's been a memorable experience
Since from my side of the bees I'm fearing this
Rest of the world's crashing towards severing this
Us against the mental state of starved for life
And proud to

Verb: -ating, -ated, -ates
One: To make perpetual, see perpetual

And wash those filthy hands to its steady flow
Of what brought you up's unknowing, I'll let it go
One day it will have to stop growing
Cleansing of the dukes and dones, zilch, for your bestowing
Practice tolerance upon every loot, point and space hollow
Preponderance'll shoot yourself in foot through back of head
Chase the deep breath, collapse of singularity, waste product from solidarity
Locked in irates, fall-out shelters only parody
Saves a special place for angry and emotionally challenged
Called shallow end of the gene pool
It's there that mistery's balanced on pointing fingers
Trade tool, Too-hating supremacist are standing on one knee-high
Why oh why do I exist?
With pale blue lips trying so desperately to hold cool beverage
And bathing closed-fist, half-sleep entirely
upset a drift in a sea of normless-ness
And a knee-shift of dormant sets

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