(he's just sleeping.
people wake up from sleep,
and come back from long trips)

Whimsy like smelling like a swimming pool
or crates of old tennis balls
or best friends forever
To christine from Jeneane and Paul:
It's gonna be a wonderful summer to start smoking cigarettes
And hooking up with drummers
And lost identity and starting to get a little thin
New habits seem fun until the monkey weighs a ton
Anyway whimsy like I'm recently divorced
After purchasing my dream saab and matching blue croc clogs

(I wanna thank you for all your support
BFF forever man, this is really gonna be
just got a feeling you know
When I step into that Saab
and I put the key in the ignition and turn it
and the lights come on
and it' slike you know
the time is now, it's here....)

did or you didn't, keep hidden
keys to ignition deep within you like it's this missing,
or clock ticking that's keeping your living

Tennis lobs on a beautiful clay court
Tight underwear for a little extra schlong support
Like no tour, are dreamers destined to be poor?
A very creative mind but sleeping on a cement floor
Loose schedule and always saying how I'm free
No checking account, hallucinate like 3D
Hi, I'm important, I will never be a corporate slave
I'm gonna find my mind in the motherfucking Incan maze
How's that for a great way to bounce back?
Disgusting like trying to sleep and hearing the snap of rat traps
Or flying ants or ripping your best breaking pants
Or seeing your dream girl and realizing you haven't any chance.
Just a dream like an instant trick rich scheme
Or when the ref's not looking the wrestler gets double teamed
No fair like selling a broke Frigidaire
Or in the hood late night with dyed neon green hair
What are you looking for? Nobody really knows
You could be a bum or a woman with a hundred rolls
Eat cakes. Don't stop, eat snakes
Be quiet like the sound of falling dandruff makes

Whimsy like uncontrolled imagination
Never having days off and always being way off
Blast off, like saying the wrong things on tape
Or haven't been seen for three years and coming back out of shape
With tall tales about venice and eating steamed snails
Wrongfully jailed for boning the niece of the Duke of Wales
Thus the weight gain, insane in the left membrane
Agatha Christie tales of murders on a fancy train
Not the bus and going to work in a rush
Walking on eggshells 'cause the boss doesn't like you much
No stamp like the anticon black ant
Having bad luck turning seeds into psychoactive plants
Nothing's changed everything just stayed the same
"Do you feel anything?" "Nope, just lung pains."

Business, it can rule you or you can have none
On the bus with other americans that weigh a ton
And a fireman come and break down walls
Then Dr. Phil marches in and gives them all workout balls
And a motivational speech for the ages
Meanwhile enslaved children sleep in cages
And make dresses.
Peep the whimsy necklace
I felt kinda outta place when I chilled in texas

(did or you didn't, keep hidden
keys to ignition deep within you like it's this missing,
or clock ticking that's keeping your living)

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