Today you don’t have to be a solder

Stand down
It’s okay to be as you were again

Is it a scheme?
Is it a vision?
Is it a dream?
Is it a nightmare?
Or is it a competition and if it is what if we don’t fight fair
What’s bald in the morning but in the evening has white hairs?
What’s the cause of global warming and could it be these things right here?
I’ve got an idea that might not reach anyone for another light year
Got a hitlist and a cloud of witnesses which is pricier
My tears are mightier than my fears

So mighty Earth provides me hurt that I keep buried until I convert it to writing
I was wounded
I was injured
I was made to move to Denver
I was taken through a new adventure
Paint stripped from it’s first fixture
I was placed in another picture
I was rushed to a new landscape

And ripped away from family scraped into a politicians mistake
And what’s left of talents in chests beneath oceans
Welled up behind eyelids has yet to be salvaged
A world of emotions
A guess that it might be okay
That it could be all right if expressed today

Am I a woman raised man-machine
Damaging everything I touch by not caring enough
Or too much
Am I far flung fantasy
Setting free enmity
And making friends from enemies
And bridges for the in-betweens

For the highwayman on a low road
The tired back with a large load
The trials spanned till I found hope
And I found more
When I slo mo’ed
Enough of the back to face front
Let those in the pack of the race run
I’m needing an evener pace one too hasty
Makes mistakes
Can you carry a song
As strong as your arms can bear
That you keep from harm
And it will be there
When you go wrong
Make a heart from your bond
Your treasure is right here

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    General CommentThis song is incredible.
    Jonny 5 really stepped up his rhyming/flow.

    The lyrics in this song flow so well, from all of them.

    I was really afraid I wouldn't like the new Flobots album, but this is a good start. So many great quotable lines.
    This2x4Skeletonon May 15, 2010   Link
  • 0
    General Commentthis song really conects with me, i absolutely love it.
    flobots have definatly stepped it up(:

    platypus is still my fav album tho,
    along with onomatoepia
    emopopon January 18, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI like how they "as you were" because in the military when an officer enters the room or area you're supposed to stand at attention and they'll tell you "as you were" or it's said to take back another command. I hope they did that knowingly, it adds more depth.
    chosenon September 08, 2011   Link

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