We believed in love when love wasn’t an option
She wanted to give birth
I wanted adoption
After days and days of conversation
We decided to go with fertilization
Then came baby showers and Lamaze classes
2AM phonecalls 1 Minute contractions
But then they whisked me away like Brigadoon
No domestic partners in the delivery room

But if I was a superhero I would break free
Wouldn’t need anyone to come and save me
And you couldn’t make me feel like I’m crazy
I would see my baby

If I was a superhero I would break free
And I wouldn’t be imprisoned where ever you take me
I would change everyone who’s trying to change me
I would see my baby

Life in an occupied land is hard
We pushed harder
Soon to be a mom
Him to be a father
Boys with guns at the checkpoint in Rafah
Wouldn’t let me pass
When I said “I need a doctor!”
I don’t know the source of the passport errors
Or how four hours produced a miscarriage
But when it come to populations to disparage
Gaza is on the list right below gay marriage

There’s something on my heart
There’s someone on my mind
I never would have thought
That I could be so angry
But please give me the patience
Please give me the patience

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    General CommentProfoundly for gay marriage. The song is about the difficulty & discrimination against domestic partners both gay & straight. As stated in the replies to alexbriggs, the song also draws parallels between the injustice in the Middle East to the struggle for equality for the LGBT community in the US.
    katana08on February 14, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is great, but I can't figure out the meaning. HALP?
    alexbriggson March 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe first verse is about a lesbian whose partner is having a baby through fertilization, but the hospital workers won't let the lesbian into the delivery room because they do not consider it real love or real marriage.

    The second verse is about a Palestinian lady who lost her baby because the Israeli soldiers would not let her across the border from the Gaza strip into the rest of Israel to get to the good hospital.
    kt400on February 25, 2012   Link
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    Song Meaningfirst line carries a lot of depth - a statement of faith; shows perseverance by searching for love even when it looks like love is absent.

    which ties in to last 6 lines - cognizant of the trials he is facing, he realizes the power of anger and does not entertain what can be done through anger, instead prays for patience. Understands that anger is the opposite of love or life, prays that he has the patience to persevere. A statement of wisdom and act of faith. "Hard-pressed on every side but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair" (2Corinth 4:17), he has faith in love. (1John 4:8)

    Is pro-life, bc both choices offered give life and show love. A sacrificial love is necessary for a parent. Choosing to raise his child means he must serve the baby's every need (a baby can do nothing for itself or even communicate it's needs), and develop the baby into a mature adult able to care for itself. Choosing adoption means sacrificing some of the joys he would receive as a parent so that his child can have a life with parents that are prepared to raise a child.

    Profoundly against gay marriage.

    The second verse is an antithetical parallel to the love/life relationship, illuminating hate as death. First 2 lines are a picture of a land driven by hate. "Boys with guns" is a picture of hate: possibly stolen from family, possibly forced kill their own family to live. To state the obvious, boys are not men, they are children. Children are not fully developed, thus vulnerable and easily manipulated. From what I see, an unknown source of passport errors means there was no error. And that oppression from hate-driven power (boys w guns) killed a life… intentionally. Hate = Death. Literally. There have been thousands of deaths in the Israel-Gaza conflict. A well known fact that, again, is a picture of hate directly leading to death. (1John 3:15)

    Pretty bold and just their style.
    thenike5on November 06, 2010   Link

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