oh, fuck this. this can't be fucking happening. i have just spent the last
three fucking hours backtracking and fighting the same fucking redundant
battle clusters in the same fucking patch of grass, grinding my ASS off.
why? well, i overwrote my fucking savestate with the title screen, that's why!
actually saving in-game, you say? what do i look like, a fucking noob? these
tedious random battles are wearing me the fuck out, i don't get nearly enough
experience from this shit. where the fuck is my autofight button? i can feel
my carpal tunnel slowly creeping in. my bladder is going to fucking explode, i
am frustrated as shit, but you know what, comrades? THIS IS GONNA BE A GRAND

i've seen you before, don't wanna do it again
i don't wanna see you, or your shitty friends
i've fought you before, don't wanna do it again
i don't wanna see you, nor your shitty friends
i've fought you before.


the final boss was a fuckin' joke
why even waste my time?
the credit roll's been draggin' on
and i think i'd rather die.
your boss list doesn't intrigue me
even with your silly jap names
at least the background music's good
but my interest is beginning/has begun to wane


chorus x666

so here we are again, comrades. we've won the battle, we've won the war.
we are basking in the light at the end of the tunnel, and it is every bit as glorious
as we could've ever imagined it could be. "but what lies at the end of the tunnel?" you
may ask. a legendary sword? a damsel in distress? no, what lies here is much greater: our memories.

i rode the crest on my loyal water-steed
the shoreline lay as serene as could be

coasted on the warm current's air
the pressure should've killed me by now

my greener days have already passed
i long for those simpler days

wasn't one of the crowd, wasn't one of the crowd
wasn't one of the crowd, to be sure, to be sure

your ego trip went on for far too long
you stole all my limelight, i hope you realize that's wrong.

glorious and generous, i still am
it's only befitting that now i'm a god
you surrendered then, i can't say that i blame you.

i bled the molasses from your veins, my beautiful american boy
i made you squeal, like the fucking pig you were.

today was a beautiful day to die
i couldn't take refuge f-from my own mind

behind your million layered threads lay your emotive human soul
that was grateful to be fed

maybe it was electric but it could've just been a rainbow-flavored reverie
we walked through our day-glo dreamland, together.

i was a hard-workin' boy, my shit was up to snuff
but i can't say that there weren't times when i wanted to give up


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