i'm a hard-workin' boy, my shit's up to snuff
but i can't say there aren't times when i wanna give up
my mortal strife always keeps me occupied
when opportunity's at the door, i just run and hide

make this all just go away
give me a reprieve!
make my life less of an undertaking
give me some room to breathe!


my silver lining lies above the clouds
hidden among the stars
if it takes my one last dying breath
it shall be mine, no matter how far


7/4 is fucking bullshit!

can't i just wave a wand, make this disappear?
i want a simpler life devoid of financial fear
my utopia is nigh, soon to be mine of my own accord
i want a safety net from all my demons that i can't afford


to all you passive naive masses: the american dream is dead!
you'll toil real hard for some blowhard 'til you die from being buried in debt!

if money's the root of all evil, well, then i'm a fucking saint.
just enough to get by, perhaps to get high, a lifestyle not for the faint.
who's got time for saving when taxman's always breathing down hard?
i'm still gonna have fun though, despite my budget, even if my credit gets a little marred.
white picket fences and a nuclear family better be as perfect as they fuckin' seem
because i've been breaking my back, running the man's track
this better be a lovely goddamn dream.

sometimes i wonder why the fuck i bother with life, with all my struggles.
with any of this. with everything. WHY?

like i fuckin' know.

chorus x666

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