Captain John Boyd crawls out forkm under a mountain of death
with the warmth of blood running down his throat.
It tells our hero he's no different than a beast.
When a man sees another man as nothing more than meat.

All that blood finds it's way into a mans dreams.
Into his needs.

It's said that eating the flesh of a man will give the other that man's strength.
One can steal the soul by looking into the eyes when the teeth sink in.
"Turn from the gates of hell only to stare into the abyss."
You'd welcome death if you could find a noose that fits.

Lyrics submitted by SaviorSalvation213

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    General CommentHmm it may be from the movie "Ravenous" from 1999.
    I found this;

    "Captain John Boyd receives a promotion after defeating the enemy command in a battle of the Mexican-American War, but because the general realizes it was an act of cowardice that got him there, he is given a backhanded promotion to Fort Spencer, where he is third in command. The others at the fort are two Indians, George and his sister, Martha, who came with the place, Chaplain Toffler, Reich, the soldier; Cleaves, a drugged-up cook; and Knox, who is frequently drunk. When a Scottish stranger named Colquhoun appears and recovers from frostbite almost instantly after being bathed, he tells a story about his party leader, Ives, eating members of the party to survive. As part of their duty, they must go up to the cave where this occurred to see if any have survived. Only Martha, Knox, and Cleaves stay behind. George warns that since Colquhoun admits to eating human flesh, he must be a Windigo, a ravenous cannibalistic creature."
    theTyranton April 12, 2010   Link
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    General Commentsurvival. maybe a little exile thrown in for good measure.
    monticelloon March 10, 2010   Link
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    General CommentJust throwing out some props to mr. salvation for the quick post on a fairly unknown band such as this. I honestly wasn't expecting to find lyrics for this album yet...
    tripageouson April 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOh yeah, this song's pretty self explanitory. a poor attempt to justify cannibalism. I wonder why subby put "Turn from the gates of hell only to stare into the abyss." in quotes. It seams like it came from something else, but google only finds this page when you search it. ::shrugs::
    tripageouson April 01, 2010   Link
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    General Commentand this;

    "In 1847, many Americans made the journey across our continent in search of gold. Many failed to complete the journey or see their dreams come to light. Capt. John Boyd (Guy Pearce) found his way here thanks to an act of cowardice during the Mexican-American War; he has been banished to a desolate military outpost in California's Sierra Nevada mountains. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by a rag-tag group of soldiers manning the fort: Hart (Jeffrey Jones), the despondent commanding officer; Toffler (Jeremy Davies), the company chaplain; Knox (Stephen Spinella), the drunken doctor; Reich (Neal McDonough), the only real soldier of the group; and Cleaves (David Arquette), the heavily medicated camp cook. One day, Colqhoun (Robert Carlyle) stumbles into their camp. The half-starved Scotsman had been traveling with a group of settlers until they were snowbound. Unable to move forward, they took refuge in a cave, where once they ran out of food, they were forced to resort to cannibalism. Colqhoun barely escaped the madness -- or did he? Boyd and the soldiers hear of the old Indian legend of the Wendigo, which states a man who tastes the flesh of another steals that man's strength, spirit and essence. His hunger, however, will become an unstoppable craving. Like a vampire, the more he eats, the more he wants, and the stronger he will become, with death the only escape from the madness. The soldiers are soon drawn into the frenzy and Boyd is soon left with the choice of eating or being eaten."
    theTyranton April 12, 2010   Link

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