"Mirror, Mirror" as written by and Scott Mcmicken Toby Leaman....
At the bottom there's a stir
And now surface is a blur
Tell the truth like it's a joke
And don't fix the part that isn't broke
I know I'm just a memory
And I know that's how it's got to be
So tell the mirror on the wall
'Mirror, mirror on the wall;
There's no reflection here at all

Mirror, mirror on the wall there's no reflection here at all.

I'm so tired that I can't sleep
The secrets that my secrets keep
Down the stairway to the church
Blackbirds hanging in the lurch
I don't want to see my name in stone
I tied a ribbon round a bone
Took a ride in a yellow car
And bought myself an old guitar
Things ain't what they used to be
I gotta devil after me
Tell the mirror on the wall
Mirror mirror on the wall
There's no reflection here at all

Mirror mirror on the wall there's no reflection here at all
Mirror mirror on the wall there's no reflection here at all

You're looking high, you're looking low
You got something on your mind
Did someone give you bad directions?
Where you in the wrong place at the wrong time?
They found a body in the river
They found a note left in the sand
"Leave my worries to the water
And leave my body to the land"

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"Mirror Mirror" as written by Toby Leaman Scott Mcmicken


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Mirror, Mirror song meanings
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    General CommentMy favorite off this album <3
    zombiedefenderon April 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGreat song, I'll take a stab at what it means.

    It seems like in the first two verses the narrator is depressed about the end of a relationship/or even life in general. They're adding up their problems and then saying they no longer see their reflection in the mirror. Tying ribbon to the bone could be them tying a weight to them so they'll sink in the water.

    In the third verse the narrator seems to change to someone else, and they're talking to the person who drowned in the river.

    That's just my rough interpretation.
    The Drizzleon April 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is definitely about depression and trying to cope with it. Looking in the mirror and seeing nothing in return, being numb and not being able to see or feel hope.

    Depression and mental illnesses (i.e
    Bi-polar) ebb and flow. First verse is about the narrator's issues being stirred up and brought to the surface. And trying to joke it off instead of fixing the problem/source.

    Being so tired you cannot sleep is oretty obvious. Having secrets about secrets, and trying to hide that something is going on. The church is figuritive, I think the church is his mind- trying to cope, to find meaning/resolution/answers. But blackbirds (symbolic extension of something evil: bad thoughts/negativity/addiction? Etc) are still there, waiting.

    But he doesn't want to see his name in stone (as in gravestone- being suicidal)- which I'm guess means he has hope. Tying a string around your finger has an entire origin story- with the literal translation of "keeping the spirit of life" and became a symbol of not forgetting.

    So I think the second verse is about having hope, going out and trying to be normal- buy a guitar to make music and distract yourself/heal.

    'Looking high, looking low' to me has a duel meaning. Literal translation would be looking good one day and maybe having not-so-good day the next. Perhaps a bi-polar reference- or just going for being okay to depressed. However he could also mean looking all over for answers. Looking in the wrong direction or someone giving you bad directions (bad advice, drugs?).

    The last lyrics of the song are the saddest. I feel like they are a pretty literal translation of suicide. It isnt am umcommon method that people have walked straight into large bodies of water and never came back. But sometimes water is a metaphor for healing or truth, cleansing.

    So I am going to hope for latter.. Because I want the best of these guys- and for anyone else that this song strikes a chord with, because I think many people suffering can relate to it. This song is really fucking personal and brilliant. I discovered it at the wrong and yet right time in my life.

    These guys are so talented it hurts.
    GameOnon May 07, 2015   Link

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