FIRST: I want to apologise, I couldn't make out some of the words. But I've uploaded what I heard:

Captain's gone on holiday,
First day he's been away,
and Data's down in Engineering for repairs.

Dr Crushers got a cold,
Wesley's only 12 years old,
and all the other children are mind controlled.

Who will lead the crew? What are we to do?
When the enemy ship comes into view,
When the crunch is on,
who will take the conn?

Geordi's visors on the blink,
Deanna Troi is on the brink,
O' brien's been re-assigned to Deep Space Nine,
Barcley's on the holodeck,
Tasha's dead and Ro's a wreck,
-----------not on Star Trek,

Who will lead the crew? What are we to do?
When the enemy ship comes into view,
Who's to be obeyed when the Borg invade?
This is just what I was afraid of.

Mr Worf comes through,
Mr Worf will lead the crew,
Mr Worf's our man,
Mr Worf will take command.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
And I'm not just thinking about myself
I'm afraid for all our lives,
And Worf's good job on the Enterprise!

We wouldn't care...
If Data's cat was in power.
We wouldn't care...
we'd follow her.
If we received...
our orders from Nurse Ogawa,
We'd be relieved...
We'd say 'Yes, Sir!'

Weren't you the one,
who pointed your gun,
at the viewscreen and you tried to stun,
At the pretty image of Q,
What were you trying to do?
I seem to remember that was you...

Mr Worf can get mad,
You're the best Klingon we've ever had.
Mr Worf you must see,
we need a different kind of security,

We're glad you're strong and brave,
but we'd prefer our captain who fears the grave,
Our standards aren't that far,
We only ask that we might die!

Worf I am a Klingon, and in my point of view,
it would be dishonourable to cower like the rest of you.
I have the ridges of a warrior
I do not fear death
I dispose of -----
with a flourish of my Bat'leth
Starfleet's only Klingon,
I'm a full Liuetenant Commander
I've got two dead wives
and a son named Alexander
No matter what I do to detest
I'll kill them all
before I maim the rest.
So be it a romulan Warbird
or a Cargo Freighter
I'll fire phasers first
and ask questions later.

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