"Right Or Wrong" as written by Eric Roberson, Wayne Moore and Curt Chambers....
I wanna love ya
I wanna kiss ya
When I miss ya
I really miss ya
I wanna give it
Give it to ya
Whether it's right or wrong baby
If you feel it
Then why you hide it?
Or if you like it
Then why you fight it?
I wanna give it
Give it to ya
Whether it's right or wrong baby

(1st Verse)
Thought about you as I wrote this (wrote this)
So much to say hard to show it (show it)
Even though I know you notice (notice)
I'm focused (focused)
I want this (girl)
More than anything I can wish for (wish for)
Never been so real and so sure (so sure)
Everyday I want it even more (even more)
I'm at your door (at your door)
I know the D yeah
I know my style don't match your lifestyle (lifestyle)
Mrs. Corporate chick, me Mr. Wild Child (wild child)
You stack it up, while I just freestyle (freestyle)
For a while (for a while)
Let's see how it (goes)
Even though you're so heavenly (heavenly)
I see you're back stepping so steadily (steadily)
Why can't we let it happen and just let it be? (let it be)
Why can't we let it breathe, ohh


(2nd Verse)
Need you right here to help me through this (through this)
Look at this world, can be so ruthless (ruthless)
I look at you and feel we can do this (do this)
If I knew this (do this), then I've been through this (girl)
Enough to know that you aint a play thing (play thing)
You a good girl and everyday thing (day thing)
My partner in crime, my never stray thing (stray thing)
So amazing (amazing)
Of how we praying (for)
Now here's our chance, don't make me let it go (let it go)
The closer you are, I want you even more (even more)
You like it today, plus you will never know (never know)
How things will go (things will go)
So let it play, yeah
Everyday it may amplify (amplify)
A beautiful vibe that may make others try (others try)
From this day I mean it: I will never lie
Unless its by your side, ohh


We can be great (great)
We can be close (close)
We can just share (share)
Things that most do not see (do not see)
Baby, you and me (you and me girl)
We were meant to be
For eternity, baby

(Chorus x2)

Wanna love you
Baby girl even if it's right or wrong
You know I dedicate this song
To you baby, so I hope you sing along
Your pop don't like me cuz I'm rock and roll
Spend most my time all around the globe

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