So many brothers caught up in the game of life man
Trying to get cash they clash like the titan
Keeping secrets in the left from the right hand
Eventually leading to bleeding shooting and fighting
All because of the material hype and
They out in a flash to get what they can like lightning
Some get struck by the thunder of a gun clap
When envious enemies conspire to come jack
Always on attack they take it cause they want that
But lose life when revenge seeks payback
It ain't worth the trouble just for the skrill
Id rather bust a verse and make papers off of my skill
Hard earned honest days work better I feel
Doing something that's legitimate that wont get me killed
I mean, I ain't ashamed of saying it
I live for much more than the game of life and playing it

Do you know
Do you know what you're here for
Do you know
Do you know what you're here for
If you know
If you know you live for then let me know
Is it the money the money, no!is it the dough, no!
Why not, because it all comes and goes

So many ladies feeling less than feminine
All because they believing what the medias telling them
Buying up all the beauty corporations be selling them
Caught up in categorizing by levels of melanin
I'm sick of it, beauty is much more than skin deep
Its in the way you walk, think, talk, and speak
Beware the television its a tool for conditioning
Read between the lines of the crafty sales pitching and
Feel free to act or be however you want to be
Don't always try to duplicate whatever you see
Super models ain't nothing but Psuedo-humanoids
More plastic than a box of baby toys and maybe boys
Is wrong the way they act, when they love 'em and leave 'em
But verify the love is real before you believe 'em
Protect your self, preserve your mental health
And look inside for the value of your personal wealth

I ain't a reverend but Im preaching the Gods honest
Truth about how I feel and I plan to keep my promise
You can make your life into whatever you want on this
Planet we call home still rising up and I see dawn is
Coming for the second time with EMANON shine
Aloe Blacc is just a messenger in this world and I'm
Delivering the righteousness to bless your soul with
Utilize this vocal vessel with da lyric I spit
With every breath you take remember what it comes down to
Friends who stood around you when bad times found you
Be aware of your culture and preserve that
Because the kids now a days is growing up wack
And my philosophy that they never understand is
Never do nothing I cant explain to my grandkids
This way I make sure my thoughts is pure
Cause they are the ones that I'm living this life for

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