[Pump 5, you’re set to fill. Thank you for stoppin’ at the Standard]
Yes, next up? Let’s see what you got here…
Bag of chips, Snickers bar, pack of Eclipse…
[Can I get some Newports?] Yeah, pack of Newports? [Yep]
Ok, you want Kings or 100’s? [Um, 100’s will be fine]
Aight, total comes to– [I got gas too]
Oh, you also got gas? Let’s see, pump 10
All right all right, total comes to… $12.66
[Hey, can you speed it up, I gotta get out of here!] Thanks, come back
[ I gotta go to work, you know, geez]

Yo, no line, no waitin’, I’m here for your convenience, I had a sign up but I guess nobody seen it
It was in the window but I never really clean it so when it comes to it, I guess I don’t mean it
The inside is scenic, we got what you need from red to brown rice, and juice, and birdseed
We even got trees, and if you want that, when you check out, just ask for the bathroom keys
Then act irate, like “I waited five minutes” and on cue, we got five grams for you finished
The line never diminish, we got permanent tenants
From businessmen to crackheads who act skiddish and people who speak Yiddish,
People that don’t get it,
We even got liquor, Grey Goose to Glennfiddich, or was It Glenlivit?
I once got a visit from a kid with a shirt on that only said “Cynic”
Newspaper headline reads that there’s been a slight rift in the Senate
Recently a new sidewak was cemented
But only after dealin’ with the details, just a little slice of retail, it’s like

Yeah, no line, no waitin’, [Hey, hey]
Yeah, I mean it’s lunchtime dog, [pack of Newports] come on!
What you got
Aight, [$2.50??] six-pack of Amstel, [yeah I’ll take a]
Marlboro Reds? [I need a bucket of…] In a box, or a- [In a red pack]
Aight, thank you [Thanks, buddy!]

A little shop around the way from everywhere to chip in
And people step in and don’t know where to begin
We only get cleaned out when you prepare for the end
And I always got a bat, man, prepared to defend
Behind the counter we got packs of squares, Slim Jims, ephedrine, pain medicine, loose blunts
And plastic boxes with the slots in ‘em and a sign attached that says “Help your local Veteran”
[Support your troops, man!]
We always got people around peddlin’, solicitin’,
And the smell of ripe urine comes from the corners that they pissin’ in
Usually a conversation jumps off that’s loud enough for everyone to listen in
You can catch me from 6a to 10pm, working six days a week ‘cuz I don’t take advantage of my weekends
And right before I fall off the deep end, I take a deep breath and hear a voice speakin’
[Can I help you?]
“Can I get 5 on 8, and a dollar straight box usin’ 2.6, and a pack of 1.5’s? Yeah, I also want this.”

[What kind of convenience store do you run here?] Yo it’s the Standard!
[Are you open?] Yeah yeah yeah!
[How much is this thing anyway?] I don’t know, two bucks?
[You work in a convenience store!]

Anyway, all right, next up?
[I was wonderin’ if you sold them cell phone battery charge things?]
Oh, I’m, I’m sorry ma’am, we, that’s one thing that we don’t carry here…
[Oh really?] Yeah… [Ok.] Shouldn’t be so connected to that thing anyway!
I mean it’s like a… it’s like having a pocket homing device,
[Oh honey, you rest assured, ain’t nobody lookin’ for me]
You never know.

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