You tried to taste me,
And I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body.
Our bones are too heavy to come up,
Squished into a single cell of wood.

I made an excuse.
You found another way to tell the truth.
I put no one else above us.
We'll still be best friends when all turns to dust.

We are so smooth now.
Our edges are beaten, drift wood whittled down.
Old bodies slip when they make love.
We'll mine our sparks to shoot us above!

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    General CommentBeautiful production... the song seems to be describing a couple first sexual encounter...
    runnin2thasunon February 26, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI love how the lyrics are just the tiniest bit raunchy and used in the Reese's commercial.
    thejesstheoryon January 28, 2011   Link
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    General Comment"The song is about trying to reconcile falling in love for the first time, but specifically physically having sex for the first time or kissing for the first time. That kind of experience, and then growing older with someone and picturing yourself with them forever, and trying to reconcile how you can make those two things work or exist in one person." -Chris Chu, The Morning Benders

    The quote above is in the video of the link I added below. The video shows an excellent performance of the song, I would definitely check it out.…
    Gabbaronion September 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI can see what doc7 thinks, but I've always thought of it in a different way. I think

    "You tried to taste me,
    And I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body."

    describes the beginning of the sexual part of the relationship,

    and shortly after

    "Our bones are too heavy to come up,
    Squished into a single cell of wood."

    means something like "we're too tired to get out of bed; it's like we're a single entity." I don't think it has to relate to the last verse about old bodies; I think the instrumental is meant to show time passing, and that they [the "single cell of wood", now referred to as two pieces) have ~rubbed against each other~ so much that they're "whittled down," the old bodies thing could either refer to, yeah, they're older now but still together, or just, really fucked out? Excuse my terminology haha.

    And I think the sparks thing refers to how starting a fire with two really smooth pieces of wood takes a really long time, but they'll keep goin' at it, ~ow ow~ until they finally get it going. Which again could refer to, yeah they're older so it takes more time, or just keep ~going~ in general mmhmmmm.

    But yeah, I don't really think about old people at all during this song, despite the mention of "old bodies" haha
    kateidoscopeon February 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThanks for making everything fucking italicized.
    RaygunShaunon August 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentPersonally i believe this song is about a man and a woman(duh). She is trying to "Taste" who he is and he is basically using her, then when she is espressing her feelings he trys to get out of it and eventually relizes that he loves her back but, not before trying new things, the world has beaten down his rough edges and made him relize that sex is not everything. (?)
    lovelyindieon August 29, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationFor a couple of months now, this has been one of my favorite songs, but only recently have I really analyzed the lyrics. Oddly enough, this is clearly a song about erectile dysfunction.

    "You tried to taste me" (She's trying to perform falatio).
    "And I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body," (He's eating her out). (69).
    "[But] bones are too heavy to come up," (He can't get it up).
    "Squished into a single cell of wood" (Shrunken down to a much smaller size).

    "I made an excuse" (The typical excuses older men make in regards to their performance in bed).
    "And you found another way to tell the truth" (She tried to make him feel better with either a lie or a backhanded complement).
    "I put no one else above us" .
    "We'll still be best friends when all turns to dust"

    "We are so smooth now" .
    "Our edges are beaten, drift wood whittled down"
    "Old bodies slip when they make love" .
    "We'll mine our sparks to shoot us above" .

    Anyway, it's an awesome song, and whatever it's supposed to mean, it has some pretty odd lyrics, but the velvety-smooth use of violin, the smooth vocals, and the serene use of piano made it an excellent performance. (A rehearsed performance recorded in a studio, but an excellent one nonetheless).
    doc7777777777on December 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think it's just a story of two lovers and the development of their sexual relationship.

    At first they are young and new to being together, and the first stanza may be a brief description of their first time to make love. Maybe it's a first love type thing, or a finally finding someone type thing.

    By the second stanza, it's the realization that they are in love, but they are each at first in denial with excuses and "[other ways] to tell the truth". They then realize that they are meant to be because they can be both lovers and "best friends".
    (the second stanza is the one i'm most unclear on... maybe its when they are middle aged and they are just getting used to getting older)

    By the end they are both an old couple, and they've lost some of the physical strength they used to both have, but they are still in love so it doesn't matter.
    CamCoaston March 20, 2011   Link
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    General Comment I believe this song is a simultaneous story of a couples love life, the first verse is about them clumsily making love for the first time. "You tried to taste me, and I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body," the first two lines make it seem they are not in sync (she tries to give him oral but he instead rushes to please her) the next lines are about the guy is having a tough time because he's nervous.

    "I made and excuse" is pretty self explanatory. The second line is how she comforted him by not making a big deal out of his performance, because their relationship is more than sex. and the last two lines are about how they realize everyone has their faults and they can look past them.

    The last verse is about the couple after years of maturing and how they have become better people through each other "we are so smooth now."
    fappmasteron June 19, 2011   Link
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    General CommentWhat a nice song...This music is for matured minded people. watch this movie: IN CASE OF YOU.. then you will know the meaning of this music...
    obinnaon April 17, 2015   Link

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