"Seasons" as written by Aaron Pauley, Michael Spearman, Matthew Scarpelli, Mike Wellnitz, Scott Daby and Chance Medeiros....
Get back to the center, where it all began. The struggles of a burdened man who clung to violence, and transgressed against the few who stayed, the few that remained, the few he didn't abandon or push away as he left his home in search of fool’s gold. He went west but longed for the east, and he waged wars but he longed for the peace that never made its way to ease his troubled heart.

I hope they all can see through the changing of the seasons.
We all blossom in spring and wither in winter.

When the fall strips you of all your color, what will you say as the cold eats its way through your bones? When the ice covers you completely; completely drained of all hope.

As God as my witness I will survive to see the sun again. And, wait for its light to bring its life back to my limbs.

I pray they all, see through the barren trees and the lifeless shapes that once were forests, once the life returns to their eyes.

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    General Commentmaybe this song is about how they changed singers and he hopes that people will stay, though theyve change a bit. and he says that no matter who likes, or dislikes, the bands changes, they will still do what they want. thats what i think but im not too good at interpreting songs
    Kylen48on October 13, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThe entire album has a theme that the narrator has committed wrong

    Seasons - "Get back to the center, where it all began"

    They Said a Storm Was Coming - "But it seems that I have sank, because of my past actions and mistakes that I have made"

    Giants among Common Men - "Why did you have to leave me to fend for myself? Am I such a terrible man? Am I such a terrible, terrible man? I am such a terrible man! Such a violent and hostile man!"

    Wolves - "Oh how I've wronged you, my love. It's come to another night filled with cold sweats, lucid dreams in restless sleep. And, woe is me! Woe is me, for I've defanged the only wolves that were ever on my side."

    Antithesis - "This place is all too familiar! So sudden, I find myself returning to the origin, the event that started it all."

    I have a feeling that this is a Christian band and that the narrator feels he has wronged God but this could also apply to a person he knows. After the narrator commits wrong, he abandons/disowns everyone he knows and leaves his home in search of his own answers. This song is about the narrator slipping into a deep deep depression. He hopes that everyone he has abandoned can see "through the changing of the seasons," or through his depression. He hopes they will realize that he will eventually return to normal. The narrator swears to God that he will rise to see the sun again (another possible reference to God) and have life restored back to himself. With this being said, many of the other songs in this album have this theme of restoration of oneself.

    Seasons - "As God as my witness I will survive to see the sun again. And, wait for its light to bring its life back to my limbs."

    They Said a Storm Was Coming - "I will ascend from the bottom to be born again."

    One Foot in the Grave - "How long must I wait, til I'm at peace again? And how long must I wait, til I am whole again? Oh, how long must I wait, til I'm at peace again?

    The Lighthouse - "I'd love nothing more than to pull up my roots and replant myself in much richer grounds. Shed the dead limbs and re-grow new."

    Everyone has their right to their own interpretation and this is what I see this song as
    mikalcarbine257on December 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThey said a storm was coming is a concept album, its based off a dream the lead singer (Aaron Pauley) had, its about a 15th century mapmaker who gets lost at sea and is trying to come to come to terms with his past.
    brebre95on January 09, 2012   Link

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