The sadness will never end as quickly as our lives will and even when our hearts stop beating, the clock will continue ticking away.
Today will soon become a yesterday and we will always find a way to repeat the same mistakes we will always make.
The scars will heal and they will fade, but what will we have learned
Sometimes it takes a heart to break to find what we are searching for
But when tears are the only wisdom shed
Is this the consequence
For the blood racing through my viens comes complete with an aging contradiction
The promises of happiness in this life is to love and be loved
But why is it better to have loved and lost, than to have never have loved at all
When each day the emptiness will continue to surround us
And it will follow our hearts through every waking moment, through every loving dream, through every night we lied awake and cried ourselves to sleep
"just open your heart and let me in, open your eyes and see theres no other way to live, but if its pain that you want, then pain is what you will get"
A lifetime of loneliness in a world where i shouldn't exist
And it begins with a process of self forgiveness
To seak and discover the world closed eyes
What is my purpose in life
Who am i to try and redefine the concept of love
But with these endless questions, im getting so frustrated
Trying to piece together what was and what could have been
I can't explain, the sadness dwelling within me and i can't retrace these steps
That lead me to these thoughts when the voice inside my head reminds me of those autumn nights spent dotting "i"'s with hearts
So if all that i've ever said and done, if all i've ever trusted and believed in ever really exsisted
Why are we so easy to ruin
The answer lies within me
Because sometimes in life, it may take two souls to realize you only need one to

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