"Shadow in Our Blood" as written by Daniel Antonsson, Mikael Bengt Stanne, Martin Brandstrom, Anders Jivarp, Niklas Bo Sundin and Martin Henriksson....
we are delusional,
To go against mortality
still we fight off and create
as the only creatures
in a life kept secret
ways that stand the point left beyond

No, there is a void between our hands,
that drowns us out of light,
an arrow lazed in liquid darkness
for every sun gods heart

No, it has always been right here
like a shadow in our blood
No, it waits for you and me
A shadow in our blood

we are delusional,
from fiction of reality,
to prayers of prosperity,
our loneliness, that we resist your pale attraction,
give into the dream with your benevolent

oh will this world within a world live on
another page torn from the book of secrets

Where was I when the
voices made no sound
and remembers the hours

No, it has always been right here,
like a shadow in our blood
No, it waits for you and me,
A shadow in our blood

here in the barren land still,
Far from the shores of real,
Beings born beyond borders,
we even thought that once you were invincible

No, its always been right here
like a shadow in our blood
No, it waits for you and me
A shadow in our blood

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    Song MeaningMikael Stanne:

    "It's about a person, having a fatal disease, fighting with the thought that he's about to die soon. That evil lives inside him and may put him to an end any moment. This song reveals the thoughts that go through his mind."

    Source: Bulgarian "Pro-Rock" Magazine, #67, March 2010
    [Since the article was in Bulgarian, this is my translation, not his exact words in English, but you get the meaning.]
    ChesterBon April 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentApparently about our mortality. The video is kind of cool, like Mikael is being carried to his grave.
    Vasaon March 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think the 2nd line of the verse isn't "Down goes mortality", but "To go against mortality"
    Vasaon March 24, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationThanks for posting that, ChesterB (assuming that it's true). Before reading that, though, like others I had assumed it was about mortality in general, but same general theme.

    The video was different - I like that. I appreciated its altered approach. The angles were slightly unsettling, almost claustrophobic - and I think intentionally so. Vasa's comment was similar to my thinking. To add to it (or offer a slightly different) interpretation on the video, I interpreted it as being purposely confining as to symbolize the narrow-mindedness of much of society's dreams of immortality (or any particular thing that people tend to believe blindly), as well as symbolizing the reality that our world gets smaller as we near the end. Quite sobering, but true.
    dawntreaderon September 17, 2011   Link

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