"YDG?!" as written by Austin Carlile, Shayley Bourget, Phil Manansala and Valentino Arteaga....
Won't be mistaken with the saints of youth,
God's backed up again
I swear, when I scream,
We're not home again
Run from your problems,
But you cannot run from yourself
Run from your problems,
But you cannot run from yourself
You'll take this back

Broken I've lied,
Pick up the pieces,
You'll try to live for yourself
How can you live for yourself?
Live how you wish,
But live as if you'll die today

I won't stop until I can reach you
And get this off my chest
A sense of direction,
To lead you home again
I'm alone

Mind your tongue
And save your breath for someone else
You won't believe me,
We're not the same 'cause I dig
And I dig you, too
Confirmed in writing,
I will fight for the sake of you
I will fight for this

Dream if you'll live forever,
Dream for me
Broken down,
I've tried to pick up the pieces
You lied
You live for yourself

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"YDG" as written by Valentino Arteaga Austin Robert Carlile

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YDG?! song meanings
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    My Opinioni don't really understand why YDG stands for yadig?! tbh because they did a 'sequel' to YDG on The Flood and released a song by the name of 'Still YDGn" which says 'still yadig'n?!" like... what???
    alexgaskaaarthon May 13, 2014   Link
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    General Commenti like the lyrics to all of these songs, but it kind of seems like they use some of the same lyrics and concepts of songs in other songs and stuff ;o
    But, i still love the message of all the lyrics to all the songs. :)
    coolkidvalenceon January 25, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI feel really stupid for asking but what does YDG mean anyways? I'm new listening to Of Mice And Men.
    DanceGavinDance19on June 21, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningHere's what I noticed.

    "We're not the same, because I dig, and I dig you too."
    If he digs her, and they're not the same, maybe this means she doesn't 'dig' him?
    Could also add some meaning to the title beyond "Do you understand?" He could actually be asking if she likes him.

    And of course, the "Run from your problems but you cannot run from yourself." Implies that she is the source of her problems.

    I kind of get the feeling that the theme is something like his partner destroying their relationship (In his eyes anyway) and then blaming it on him.
    Nexismynameon June 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentUhh there's no ?! in the original title is there? Cause I only have YDG.What does YDG even mean? I'm new to listening to Of Mice and Men.
    DanceGavinDance19on July 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt sucks it doesn't flow with their new song Still Ydg'n :(
    Melovegreenteaon July 04, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure this song is Austin calling out Attack Attack. About how far off base they've gone, and how they're no better then he is. That he came to grips with who he is, and also understands who they are now (I dig, and I dig you to). They used to live for something better (their beliefs and faith), now they live for themselves, and are sell outs. I think it ends with him basically saying he hasn't given up on them yet. Meh, I dunno, just spit-ballin'.
    brokeneggshellson July 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFor everyone asking: YDG means "You dig?"

    I get the feeling that the song is sending the message that Austin is supporting his fans or a friend, understands their troubles and will be by their sides while they make the step get the most out of life and be who they are. When he says "We're not the same," I think he means that he has come into his independence.

    Also, I think Austin is trying to tell his fans not to put him on too high of a pedestal because he's like everyone else in the first line OR he means he actually cares about fans rather than putting on a pose, which connects with brokeneggshells really valid thoughts on him dissing Attack Attack!

    This is just my spin, though.
    houndsofloveon July 25, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI like all their song's they're amazing artist's and as a music fanatic i observe a lot of different types of rock and found i love most of it and being a lyric writer myself see that they have a lot of qualities that i myself should pickup on
    raythewalkeron May 03, 2015   Link
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    My OpinionGreaaat band, haha. but it sure as hell sounds like it hurts when austin screams :o
    twentyfiveon March 10, 2010   Link

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