Awake! I've been sleepin'.
I've been restless and reckless and I've jeopardized my viability.
But this time it's compromised my excuse to say I'm okay when I'm not!
I'd love to play the idiot but I knew where it would get me all along.
My intent was to make you known.
But I said, "Let go of me!"
Instead, I've filled myself with momentary satisfaction.
It's taste stained upon my mind!
This is not me! This is not me! No, this isn't me!
Panic sets to free your mind of sanity!
So, I've been a passenger and I've just been passing through.
Is all I want contained in all of me?
Stop saying it good enough and we're just human, we're just human!
To justify is to lose, and failure, well, it's where we all come from.
Just cause you're here doesn't mean that you have to stay!
When did we end up like this?
When did we sacrifice ourselves to please our selfishness...
And stand so right for being wrong?!
And soon you'll see the happiness recede.
Our investments have been made in failing institutions!
The truth, I'll testify, oh, man, it's hard to swallow!
I've covered my selfishness with a fraud!
What did I assure myself I was looking for?
Intuition left for reasoning?
I've come up from the grave,
And met you face to face!
Awake! Awake! I'm Awake!

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    General CommentIve heard alot off rumors that these guys sell drugs, so this could be talking about how bad tyler feels about it
    MochaShakhaKahnon March 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI'm gonna have to disagree with you, I dont beleive any of them sell drugs. But it does have remorse.

    Like most of Harp's song, I think it's about faith.
    In this case it's about making choices that go against your morals or your own sense of right and wrong.
    He's talking about how he wants to follow his faith, but that his actions aren't pointing him to that ("My intent was to make you known, but I said let go of me")

    He's just doing the selfish things and it's staining him. In the middle section, he's diposing those who try to justify their actinos when they go against their faith. ("Stop saying it good enough and we're just human, we're just human! To justify is to lose, and failure, well, it's where we all come from.")

    The end is him waking up to that and living they way he believes or even finding God (I'll come up from the grave. Awake, I'm awake.")

    larzhobanon December 30, 2010   Link

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