I'll never be a knight in armor
With a sword in hand or a kamikaze fighter;
Don't count on me to storm the barricades
And take a stand or hold my ground;

You'll never see any scars or wounds
I don't walk on coals, I won't walk on water:
I am no prince, I am no saint, I am not anyone's wildest dream,
But I can stand behind and be someone to fall back on.

Some comedy-- You're bruised and beaten down
And I'm the one who's looking for a favor.
Still, honestly, you don't believe me
But the things I have are the things you need.

You look at me like I don't make sense,
Like a waste of time, like it serves no purpose -
I am no prince, I am no saint, & if that's what you believe you need,
You're wrong - you don't need much, you need someone to fall back on

And I'll be that, I'll take your side.
If I'm the only one, I'm used to that.
I've been alone, I'd rather be
The half of us, the least of you, the best of me.

And I will be your prince, I'll be your saint,
I will go crashing through fences
In your name. I will, I swear -
I'll be someone to fall back on!
I'll be the one who waits,

And for as long as you'll let me,
I will be the one you need.
I'll be someone to fall back on your prince, your saint,
The one you believe you need
I'll be - I'll be someone to fall back on.

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Someone To Fall Back On (Aly Michalka) song meanings
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    My OpinionThis song is basically saying i'll never be something that's unrealistic like a knight in armor or a kamikazee fighter, but I Will be anything unrealistic to to you because your'e special and i'll be someone that's there when you're suffering or neutral.
    vintageex3on December 20, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's saying that she'll never be a knight or a prince, or a saint, and if that's whoever she's singing the song to thinks they need then they're wrong. They just need someone to fall back on and if they need her then she'll be there for them but she'll be herself (as opposed to a prince, a saint, a knight, or a kamikaze fighter), helping that person, and being there for them as long as they need her.
    MollyPerkins78on June 13, 2014   Link

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