The MI Group is one of the leading financial services groups in the country
It is seeking to train 25-35 year olds serious about making in the world of money as financial salesmen
The training does not take long we have a system, a selling method, that is applied to all potential clients irrespective of their needs
Fit them to the plan that is your task
After a simple test we will give you a certificate to put on your desk informing anyone who's interested that you are sales executive

Hello David, it's Tony Lombardo I thought I'd ring and say hello, I'd like to talk to you about money, I'd like you to come to our offices and introduce you to a way of realising a large tax-free investment
Hello, hello, It's Tony Lombardo
I don't usually cold call said Tony Lombardo
When cold calling emphasize you don't usually cold call
Stress you have a large portfolio of clients
say you are selling a long-term financial plan and not just a one-off product
Hello, my name Tony Lombardo
I'm selling a long term plan
I have a large portfolio of clients

Everybody wants a have a lot of money in the future
Everyone can fit into our life plan that shows that at a certain stage in a person's life they are going to need a large cash sum
You are going to start a family, and take that family on holiday
but Tony I don't want a start a family
but you'll still want to take that family on holiday
I don't seem to fit into the life plan Tony

Hello, it's Tony Lombardo
I've just won a trip to Monaco for being among the company's top 25 salesmen
I don't usually cold-call, I have a wide portfolio of clients
Hello, it's Tony Lombardo

According to Tony after allowing for inflation and promotion at work by the time I retire at 60
I shall be earning £160,000 a year, my pension fund will be worth £1.5 million
but only if I sign before June 1st

Hello, hello, it's Tony Lombardo just phoning to remind of our meeting this evening
Oh Tony It's slipped my mind, I have something else on can I reschedule it for next week
oh your off to Monaco, I'm sorry
Everybody wants a family, take that family on holiday
Do not listen to objections
Have faith, use repetition and a smile
I still feel you don't trust me said Tony Lombardo

Hello, hello, David, it's Tony Lombardo
I've had a think Tony and the answer is no
Hello, it's Tony Lombardo, I don't usually cold call
I am a senior in my section, soon to become a section-head
I think we need another meeting don't you?
The MI Financial Services Group set the pace that other's try to follow
Everyone's income increases, everyone wants more money
But Tony I don't want to earn more money, I'm happy as I am
Don't waste the MI Group's time, don't ask questions just sign, you can cancel at anytime

We will show how to make commission in thousands if not millions
If you want to earn a lot of money working in a great team
Ring Simon Higdon at our West End office

Hello, hello, it's Tony Lombardo again
Would you like me to get in touch with some of your friends
Do I make any commission Tony - Tony why are you laughing
I don't usually cold-calI have a large portfolio I holiday in Monaco

Is that Tony Lombardo I'm sorry Tony cant hear you its a very bad line
I think you better call me back next week when I have more time
If Tony Lombardo calls tell him I'm not in
If Tony Lombardo calls tell him I no longer work and you have no forwarding telephone number
Hello hello hello hello

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