Well, I took another nap at 9 o’clock
Had a dream of a man who thought the summer was too hot
Eleventh of May, a Sunday afternoon
If the end will ever come, then it’s coming up real soon

“Take your hand now off of that thing–
I can’t stand to break another string,”
He said

I shook his dirty hand, and he smiled and said,
“Right about this hour, I bet you’re wishing you were dead.”
I told him he was wrong, but he saw through my bluff
Said, “Once you’ve had a little, well, you’ll never have enough.”

Lured into the bed of a California king
Well, I knew it would itch, but how bad can this sting

Well, I closed my hand around it, and I pulled it so tight
You know, barbed wire ’round the wrist, well it never felt so right
Marching through the Valley of the Shadow of Love
Said, once you’re doing time, well, you’ll never do enough

Off of the wagon, into the fire
“Rather burned by truth than be caught in a lie,”
It said

Well, I rose on out of bed around 12 P.M.
Yeah, I know you’re so concerned, but I’m really OK, man
You can never ever get us to admit
That I been doing time in a bed of shit

“So, you take your fingers now off of my pulse–
Know it’s been a while since you seen me come close,”
I said

Well, it’ll take a while, but I’m coming around
Slowly, slowly, I’m coming on down
And it’ll be a while before I show my face
And you can peel the mask of my disgrace
And you won’t see it coming, but it’s coming to you
When you close your eyes, and when you light the fuse
It’ll all come down like a bolt of fire
It’ll all come down to you

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