Lift us up with the white crows, please
Make a record for the mud, there are no streets
Please don't feed the beast
Promises of peace
No keys to the cage
Ice age too late to call, kill the will and fill the colon
Vowels I swallow
See in you in the gallows
Or see you in the shallows
Where I stay so dark can't see my hand in front of my face
Then again I can't feel my gut
And when I hit the concrete I didn't even feel a thing
I don't feel like singing, I feel like murdering a king
Good old way, town square with no Napoleons present
Only the natural law, every stroke sovereign
My hardened heart sucks ammos in
Send the men to judge a man who doesn't even breathe the same air as them
The US mint, the zip codes, the clean pants, the well groomed
The perfect stance to hold and cigarette
In the cancer ward they'll be no time for tongues tied
Hot wired empty coffins riding off on shrunken horses
Empty voices rinding all through the saloon
You wanna dine with the devil?
You're gonna need a long spoon

This is the salt in the water cooler
This is where fool gold goes when it dies
This is the doctor gone shopping
This is the monkey with the walking stick
This is for all the bleeding rocks
This is for all the sleeping clocks
This is for the grain of sand that blinds a child so he can join a crowd

No goals, no gold
Streets paved with hot coals
Lost souls go to drown in inhuman human holes
It's me and my pendulum, we out for blood
That's dry the day it hits the needle
This is where I learned to play the smallest violin
Out in the woods with crickets
You can pile us in or size us up, it's madness in a cup
Fly in the soup can't sing the blues
Nor can I approve of the past
We already through the looking glass
Where dust is born
All the facts resent us too
And so on fire, keep on throwing them toothpicks
Wake up smothered
My mind been gone since Naam
Before I was born, I was napalm
Before I was napalm, I was C4
Once I was a wheel, now I'm steel
When everything's a plenty, nothing is real
There's sleep to loose
A single set of tracks through the sands
The planet stirs
We've no use for plans in hur
We've no use for hands no more
We've no use for friends no more
Sit in the city and watch the city devour us all

Shiva's gone shopping
Mother Gia's gone shitting
A hundred light years and running
I lost my Obama button
Good bacteria fights good bacteria
Bad bacteria becomes good bacteria

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