"Stupid Things Implode on Themselves" as written by Bert Kaempfert, Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder....
I am not the devourere of worlds or the planner of battles, or the runner of numbers
All for the cost of a price of a dollar
Nor am I am meal for the family of Soldier of Fortune
We couldn't catch the sun, we are not the future

When it's safe to be a fool again we can talk
I'll invite you to a show, when I'm in your town, doing this by campfire
We won't worry about soy milk... check the arsenic levels
We worry about fleas jumping from rotting bodies, we are hunters now
Take what clicks and make it food
Make the rivers pay
Build coliseums where meteors hit
SUVs become greenhouses, malls become schools
Schools became prisons, and prisons to hotels and clinics
Everyone wants to be a kid again, but only a food would raise a kid in this
We fight off the flies
We high off the smell of burning tires
We pile up our blades and defend the grains buried under the garage
I wanted to live, but the sheriff, he wanted my house
Still got the house, but now the town needs a sheriff
Some died praying, some dies fighting
Some died to get in, and many died to defend that which would only write them off in the end

Everything went according to flames, the way of giant man eating birds
Tennis court executions
Not enough of us left for a mass grave, lower your expectations
That ain't a pulse, that's Budweiser bubbling in the intestines still
Where medical bills used to pile, now it kills
But even that's a blessing, it all used to feel like a prison
Now we give birth in buckets
Wear Labrador jackets
Just to see the sun, we fire at the heavens
And when the shells return, listen to the stories they tell
It's easy to know right from wrong when you're made of metal
It was easy to rate success when man became capitol
They said, "Invest in gold", but there was nowhere to cash it
The vegetarians starved and many of the rest became cannibals
Hollywood Video still stayed open till 3 am
Some were worked to the bone, so others sold skin
Some still wanted to change the world, so they blew up dams
Some thought they were living in one of "god's many promised lands"
But they grew up damned and were all too abandon to famine
We used to watch birds, no we count skeletons
And all because we thought we could run on E until infinity
And all the guns in the world, couldn't prevent inevitability
So if you want me, come and find me...

Nobody's out to get you, but everybody's out to get what you got
Keep the dogs hidden, the guns loaded, they well well guarded
The kids are quite or sold south for organs
Nobody wants your poisoned kidneys
You tarnished karma, ten-thousand years kicking and screaming
This is our epoch, just an abandoned lot
Six-billion empty stomachs, all hands on the plot
Keep your hands where I can see them
I don't even trust myself
I know you're an honest man, but the honest moment usually occurs in the end
And I ain't in no hurry to be eaten whole by orphan Terriers, cows, and vultures
Only to shrivel in the desert while my soul wanders aimlessly for an iced coffee
In my days I've watched stupid things implode on themselves
You had it all, twice everything, but it wasn't enough
Now all errors on the plunderers of life-blood
Who calls the shots when there are no guns and few bullets?
The man with the biggest knife make the rules and we follow
To our ditch, with our knees in the dirt, waiting for the moment to spring
No friends left, so the final leap is too oblivion if I can't find my blade...
But I always find my blade...

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