In a world all black, I count my blessings
Make my peace, wave goodbye as they're taken
This isn't my town, I'm only visiting
I haven't even started my rain yet, I'm only drizzling
Do horoscopes still apply, born under a neon sign?
Many are tried, the chosen are hung, and I don't want to see you on the other side
Stray ants spot clean the floor
Helicopters run for forest fires
Run like you've got nails in your feet, and you're off to build a house
Are you high on life, or drunk with denial?
Cold words never thrill me
In an empty cathedral I scream, in an empty venue I scream
You starve like love on television, die for your country like Eugine Debs
Sing the gospel like a Rolling Stone
Make anthems like you're choking on fumes
My skull aches so hard it'll probably fail
Never been there, but I got a secret for Yale...
You can have Geronimo's bones, I'm the new king of Jamestown

Everybody's dead, I'm the new king of Jamestown

You're a fly in milk, a lead on gravity, a sinking feeling, a dying wish
An empty mantle, a luncheon for Africa, a postcard from one prison to another
Watch you get burned out like a Branch Davidian
You hold a flame like the children of Hiroshima
Live on the edge like lemmings or skyscrapers
Feel like a million bucks, like a million dollars
Everybody loves you, you walk the line like its a race to the bottom
You know who you are by the doors that slam in your face
A free man, but you know the cage like a referee
Somebody get me out of the canal, I'm freezer burned
"Son it's a coffin, haven't you learned anything?"
Throwing Vietnam roses, monkeys watch us
You know the ledge, you've fallen off every three years
Panic stricken, gunned down, looking for a moral high ground

Everybody's dead, I'm the new mayor of Jamestown

I'll have you know, I had a profession years ago
Now I stay wicked like the lights that search for immigrants at night
I run like the timequakes cannot catch me
But they find me, and are quick to sentence me
I once was warm and ran with the horde, but I don't wanna look poor no more
We're being hunted and skinned to pieces
As we float we learn to skip town, and find something new in the voice
Every Main Steet must end, every life will ruin it's course
All I'm doing in verse, suffocating inside of an alligator purse
In the miracle mile you either find food, or be food, or something worse...

Everybody's dead, I wanna be the mayor of Baghdad

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