I like people with flowers, because they're trying, because they haven't given up...

Wandering the streets of Barcelona, I lost my voice
Loneliness and debt piling up
You made your castle, no await your sentence
Expect no mercy, but fight to live
Before the leaches in your ear turn your heart to a lump of clay
Powerwalking against the current
Will you be swept away or stand proud till your knees break?
And those who loved you, outlined you in chalk
As if a dead man rapping out of a photograph can't come back to life and choke you blind for leaving him dead
Treachery is a tough pill to swallow, but weakness is universal
As living in tomorrow is a waste, so say la vee
But don't say that you love me
If you knew I was choking up blood and everyone got their piece
Till I was a shell of a shell
Scratching tears and skull, then consider the fall
It's funny, you put the gun in my hand but were nowhere when the bullets fall
Everyone knows every belief system ends in cannibalism
Dr. Moreau, I feel your pain, but don't know
Which way is up, which plot is dead, which knife is deserved
And what's the proper sound a shark is supposed to make before it smells blood
Onward ho, don't die bitter, be a better man, plan for success or expect failure
Don't cry when you smell smoke, it means something is being born
You can't change your mind, the weather, or the world
So seek love and squeeze it for all it's worth
The world ain't flat, it's to fat to reach the remote
It's too tired to explode
But it won't miss us when we're gone, or the seasonal holocaust of Christmas trees
Me clawing up Gaia's back, trying to make a garden out of this dying yard
Riding on a beetle on a ribbon, cutting up the countryside
We hungry to eat a mall
JC Penny Outfitter, Army Recruiter and all
And we didn't stop to we were held at ecoli point
Shitting out my guts but don't condemn me yet, it's only evil spirits
And the wind strikes at 50 miles per hour, and the frost strikes 2 months early
So much for squash
If I was a pilgrim I'd be dead, but I'm a viking
So I sharpen my axe on my teeth
And bad news from the old front, they're whispering to strangers
And the strangers tell me, the verdict is in
You may never go home again
The pilot went out while you were out trying to save the world
But you couldn't save yourself so don't complain
Only one way to stay inspired, sit back and watch everything you love wither and die

And you burned your house down just because
And you wonder why no one will return you calls
We came to burn the bridges but they let us down
We came to burn the bridges but they let us down

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