I've given up
On waiting for the funding and congressional oversight
I've given up
On hoping for the groundswell of interest from the left and the right
I've given up
On impassioned presentations to those cuddling with their anchors at night
I've given up
On waiting for permission, it's time for some DIY

Whether or not you're ready
I'm saying it's Tau Ceti
Or bust

I'm coming up
With diagrams and blueprints and doing lots of math on the fly
I'm coming up
With vast legions of dreamers who can see more than lights in the sky
I'm coming up
With excused for my family, I can't even hear my own baby cry
I'm coming up
With elegant schematics that I have to finish before I die

We'd be there now but first we
Build a dish the size of Jersey

On our Bussard collector
Feeding off the interstellar dust
In a cosmic connector
Some say we should, but I tell you we must

What else are we here for?

It's pioneers will live for aeons
And comprehend what biological peons
Can never dream

The fermament will be their playground
And when time and space run aground
They'll hear the scream

On their Bussard connector
Staring down Orion, man to man
On their cosmic connector
Reaching the point where it all began

I think a lot
About the implications of what it is we're trying to do
I think a lot
Of how we'll feel when we find everything we know to be isn't true
I think a lot
And I guess all of this thinking's made me something of a stranger to you
But think of this
When we're pushing past red limits, you'll be with when we finally break through

And on the side will be drawn
A great dodecahedron
On our Bussard collector
Cosmic connector

Bussard collector
Soaring close to the speed of light
In our cosmic connector
Finding the edge of the endless night

Cosmic connector

What else are we here for?

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