Whoever bellows the loudest the victor
Who ain't buckin' shots at they shadows already fallen
When the time comes it'll be to my surprise
We smashed the clocks and joined the flocks just to watch doves gunned down from above
And you want it all, ideal wrapped in plastic
Fresh air comes free with it
Make sure that the alkaline levels are permanent
Drop us in, hold us to the flame
Tell us our new cities will be far cleaner than the old ones
And you the type to move to an island of birds and trees
When the birds are gone, you won't have enough wood to build a boat and sail home
So when they find you, and ask you what happened, its real simple
"Get rich or die trying."
Now I'm back in the swing of things
Like strange fruit in their good old days in Georgia
Like gypsies with baseball bats that beat us to a pulp, I see it now
And they can say rapping won't change anything...
Its not my fault words and morals hollowed out
And if we live "we live to thread on kings", and if we die we die only lonely and forgotten
If I ever make it to heaven, I hope they have a wireless connection
Where have I been?
In the bathtub reading Harper's
Things got much worse, but I'm chilling...
To cool to draw blood over life and it trivialities
I'll watch the Earth crack open, you'll fall in
Running around in purgatory looking for batteries
When the last buzzard eats the last candy bar from the last body on the San Andreas...
It'll be a sad day for investors

I'm of the Earth, like methane and sulfuric acid I can't trespass
Universal like radiation and freezing in the cosmos
Older than I feel, and easy going like anvils
Easy going like anvils that crush us while dancing
Pity me and American city
With high rent and neighbors that always bitch at the volume
No one understands, and if they understand they understand too well
Its a toss up, walk free to the finish, or flog up and down the gauntlet
Some day I'll make a fine president
I can tell by the way they throw stones
I can tell by the way I struggle for words, and the way the cookie crumbles before they get to eat
They say they care, but it's clear they don't
They say there's nothing to fear, but I know better
Running from obscurity and shoveling shit
On some heavy drugs, in some heavy book
The sky too, heavy, like crystallized smog
Cutting up my lungs and wishing I was dead, but I can't die yet
All my dents are in the dust
And I'm still punished by virtues I worked so hard to shed
My wife and my dogs is all I have
What you wanna take from me, my credit card debt?
Let the chips fall and crash the soles of our feet

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