Everything makes me nervous and nothing feels good for no reason
Waking up its barely worth it the same dark dread every morning
Senior year, here in Mahwah a new world just around the corner
Leave me behind let me stagnate in a fortress of solitude
Smoking's been okay so far but I need something that works faster
So all I want for Christmas is no feelings no feelings now and never again

There is a face playing all round and red that stretches across my mouth
All for protection nobody gets in and nobody gets out
I used to look myself in the mirror at the end of everyday
But I took the one thing that made me beautiful and threw it away
I was a river I was a tall tree I was a volcano
And now I'm asleep on top of a mountain I've been burning in snow
As I surrendered what made me human and all that I thought was true
And now there's a robot that lives in my brain he tells me what to do
I can't do nothing without his permission that wasn't part of the plan
So now at Rock Ridge Pharmacy I will be waiting for my man
But there is another down in the dungeon who never gave up the fight
And he'll be forever screaming sometimes I hear him say on a quiet night

He says

You will always be a loser now

You will always be a loser

You will always be a loser and that's okay

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No Future Part III: Escape from No Future song meanings
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    General CommentI think that, going along with the theme of the entire album, it's about internal struggle in general. The line about needing something that works faster and not wanting to feel anything is probably about antidepressents, but there is something bigger than just that.

    It's an internal Civil War. Possibly about selling out. The line "took what made me beautiful and I threw it away" lends to that.

    I feel like this is about the times in life when you think you won't make it anymore. That you have to quit. Feelings that envelop you in darkness. You will always be a loser. But then you get through the rough patches and you say a big fuck you to the guy in the dungeon down inside you. Getting to the point where you accept yourself and say it's OK.
    manofmanyfrownson July 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure this song is about taking antidepressants or some other mood stablizer (Patrick recently told a crowd at their show in San Francisco that he takes Lexapro; spinner.com/2010/03/29/titus-andronicus/) and he gave up what he thought was true (or being his true self) and now he's like a... well, a robot, but he still hears that voice that pills just can't silence.
    ammirevoleon March 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThere's a lot of goofy references in this album. "Fortress of Solitude" is the ice fortress from Superman. “Waiting for my man” is a song by the Velvet Underground. “All I Want For Christmas (is my front two teeth)” is a funny song by Don Gardner.

    As for meaning, I think this is pretty straight forward. He was once “a volcano” and he could look at himself in the mirror, but he threw that away. Now he stays inside his shell. He feels like he’s become an automaton. I guess there’s an indication that becoming a robot has brought him some success in the world (although he has to medicate himself to maintain this). The rebellious volcano side of himself is still there, trapped in a dungeon. The repeated lines, “You will always be a loser,” certainly sound negative, but the final line “and that’s okay,” seems to negate that. I guess his inner “volcano” liked it better when he was a “loser”, instead of the sheltered life he lives now.
    clovuson May 26, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretation"Smoking's been okay so far but I need something that works faster
    So all I want for Christmas is no feelings no feelings now and never again
    And now there's a robot that lives in my brain he tells me what to do
    I can't do nothing without his permission that wasn't part of the plan
    So now at Rock Ridge Pharmacy I will be waiting for my man"

    Sounds like it's about antidepressants or another similar prescription drug.
    imdanoon July 30, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"this is a song about feelings, cause feelings are very important things" he says this alot before playing the song, I think it's about depression and anti depresents that would
    Make the reference to the voice in the basement the real voice of yourself when your off the drugs and the pharmacy reference make more sense.

    Probs my favorite song of all time
    AKAnathanon October 16, 2010   Link
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    General Commentfew mistakes i've noticed already:
    waking up, it's rarely worth it.

    senior year, here in Mahwah

    now i'm asleep, on touch of the mountain, i mix with mud and snow.
    whitestrpsrockon February 04, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationhmm a common theme of titus andronicus seems to be having 2 work a normal job and be normal people,
    this song seems to about quiting and selling out,
    and the you will allways be a looser part seems to be the thought that now he has sold out he will allways be a looser, well at least tahts the message i get from it.

    but it is my fav song XD
    AKAnathanon March 20, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThis is clearly about what happens when you slip into depression and the thoughts that rely on it. I went though the exact same thing. Originally, I was this great person with flaws that I accepted, and although I wasn't the top guy around, and was certainly never a winner (I actually played into the punk fuck the system stereotype), I loved myself a lot.

    However, over the years. I started to erode at that idea. Why should I be a loser? And I started to attack the thing that I believed was causing me to be a loser, which was actually my humanity. Then, as the song iterates as well, my mind was a gripping struggle trying to control what I did and prevent myself from being who I was in the hopes of becoming a winner one day. As a result, relationships were hard, and eventually, anxiety and depression set in.

    The rest is history. Now things are better, especially with medication, but they never tell you this stuff before it happens. It seems to be at a critical time in life before you know what is really going on in the world that you go through these cognitive battles and wind up with scraped knees.
    frstarmeron May 19, 2016   Link
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    General CommentO God, what to say about this song. Considering their new album came out recently i think it couldn't be a more suitable time to talk about the meaning of this song, considering the relevance. The start of the song talks about how he felt before he started taking anti depressants, which in hindsight has a shocking resemblance to how i feel now. The other half of the song talks about how he felt after or during taking the pills. When he says "i threw the one thing that made me beautiful away" he is talking about his mind. If you listen to the album 'The Monitor' or 'The Airing of Grievances' he talks a lot about these inner problems.
    He then goes on to say that because of the anti depressants he abandoned everything that he believed in just so his mind would be at peace. He admits that he began to withhold his actions without the help from the pills "I can't do nothing without his permission - now down at Rock Ridge pharmacy i will be waiting for my man" the man basically being his mind after taking the pills, telling him what to do. The end of the song is an expose on how he feels prior to taking anti depressants. He has finally come to the realization that he will always be the person he used to be, but at least now with the help of the pills he can feel better about himself. The whole song he is arguing to himself about which life suits him better. The life without help from pills or the life with. Personally, selfishly, considering how terrible i think his new album is, i believe that in regards to his lyricism and emotionality, he was better off not going on anti depressants. It lead to deeper meanings in his songs and it made him unique. He threw the part away that made him beautiful and different in order to conform to society, or feel normal amongst his peers. I truly wish the best for Pat but i feel in a music standpoint he was better off without the pills. This song is amazing none the less and has literally made me tear up as well as get me through some tough times. TITUS ANDRONICUS FOREVER!
    Depresjaon July 26, 2013   Link

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