It aint the feeling that really gets me high
My life can't take anymore of being shy
Nevertheless will i forget the one true love
Anyone else feel me right, now shove
your life into twisted images of your brain
How soon would you find out?
Are me and you gonna suffer any pain?
How about you get lost down south
Because everything's worth your while when your with me
Take a humph out of the B and you'll see what I mean

You think I was raised with money?
Show me your money
Buy my stuff and sell it for profit
Fuck you fool that's just nonsense
I knew you weren't gonna be trusted
Now all I can hope is that you get busted
Now see...

It aint the feeling that really gets you high
All of our life's, can handle being fine
We can all forget about this horrible event
But be sure to prevent it from happening again

Time from time
Light to light
Forgive all those who fight

Now I'm your mentor so respect me for now
Soon before you know it, you'll have an once
But how the hell are you suppose to use it all?
Stalk me, down the empty fluorescent hall

You think we're all raised with money?
Well sorry rich boy
I can't seem to find the right words to show respect
But with your cocked up attitude that's all you get
Fight me, hide in every place you can find
I don't care about you that much
But at one point in this I did have some trust in it
But for now all I can do
Is feed and believe that you'll get busted
What the fuck now? friends? foes? Enemy? goals?
Well take all the pain back from what I said
I apologize from what was meant.
Now see...

It aint some feeling when you get high
Its just some extra fuckin' try
But what you don' know is, I'm a chill guy
Now lets just try not to fight

Time from time
Light to light
Forgive all those who fight
Time from time
Light to light
Forgive all those who fight

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