"The Mystery Zone" as written by and Britt Daniel....
Picture yourself
Set up for good in a whole other life
In the mystery zone

Make us a house
Some far away town
Where nobody will know us well
Where your dad's not around
And all the trouble you look for all your life
You will find it for sure
In the mystery zone

Times that we met
Before we met
Times that we met
We'll go there
To the mystery zone
Ah the mystery zone

There goes the rider
At gates of dawn
He takes no prisoners at all
He'll be there on his own

What gets him gone
Off down that road
Is something he don't understand
Ooh! The mystery zone

Maybe all he wants
Maybe all he needs
Is to know that the sun don't set
On the mystery zone

How come it feels so familiar
When you never been there?
How come it seems so unreachable
You never tried to find
Never tired to find the mystery zone
Mystery zone, oooh!

All of the people
You used to run into but never do now
They took off for the mystery zone

And when you know love
When you find it for real
It contains the emotion sense of
Everyone ready
Your cover was blown
You weren't there but you were
Ooh in the mystery zone
You weren't there but you were
You weren't there but you were

Openin' windows
Doors never close it's the fresh air fiend
It's the information troll

We'll pack a bag
Sendin' it off just some things that never fit right
To the m
And we'll send it ahead as a test so we'll know
Call it up when it gets there
"What's it like in the mystery zone?"

The times that we met
Before we met
We'll go back there
Oh, times that we met
We'll go back
We'll go back there
The mystery zone
To the mystery zone
The mystery zone
Oh the mys

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"The Mystery Zone" as written by Britt Daniel


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    General Commenti guess the real key to this song is figuring out what exactly "the mystery zone" is, right?

    i think it's the place where possibilities lie. everything that will happen and everything that could happen lives there, only to show themselves at the right (or wrong) time.
    thestarmanon April 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is fucking amazing.

    The way Spoon uses their instruments is amazing, I swear they limit themselves to only 2 instruments at a time for most of every song. Its really lightweight music that has a lot of empty space, and seems to make the songs seem really surreal but perfect.
    bryanduganon January 20, 2011   Link
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    General Commentlove this track!

    I think it's about love and the emotions that go with it and how people do things without really knowing why. We all view love in certain ways, and see picture perfect scenarios that may not be real but we want to try and make them real and try to find the ones who will make that real.

    I love the line:

    "where your Dad's not around
    and all the trouble you look for
    all your life
    you will find it for sure"

    "Times that we met before we met"
    - I think of this as when you first meet someone that you end up trying to date for awhile and you're looking back after the breakup or after the fact.

    "How come it feels so familiar
    when you've never been there" ...speaks for itself. it's like a nostalgic feeling.

    Awesome track!!
    lifeonthehorizonon January 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAnother use of "picture" as a verb/synonym for "imagine".

    Picture yourself in a living room...
    I'll picture for you, if you picture for me...

    I like this song a lot, I wasn't too caught by it when I first got Tranferance, but it's grown on me a lot.

    "The times that we met before we met, we'll go back there" reminds me of someone in a crowd catching your attention before you really say "Hi" or talk to them or get to know them better. I guess that's the "mystery zone", like what lifeonthehorizon was saying.
    LoserNo1on February 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAm I the only one who thinks of the flash-sideways scenes from the final season of Lost when I hear this?
    FoolThemAllon June 15, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is all about leaving your comfort zone and what will happen if you do not try to do so. You are basically doomed to a monotonous boring life if you do not take a risk and step into the mystery zone..
    amann763on June 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis may be irrelevant but there's a line in the book 'Catcher in the Rye' where the character describes his room mate as a 'fresh-air fiend'.

    Britt has said in the past that he tends to make songs, and write the lyrics to fit the mood he's created, and flows with it, making it come across as obtuse to some.
    I personally think this song is just people striving to reach a place that they can't quite describe,

    "How come it feels so familiar
    when you never been there?
    How come it seems so unreachable
    you never tried to find
    never tired to find the mystery zone"

    ^ I like those lyrics especially, there's a nostalgic and well - mysterious feel in the ambiguity.

    Check out the demo version if its still on their site, its a great alternate
    mbagelyon December 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI love this song .. definitely my fav song from the album.

    I think it's about how people search for the unknown to fill a perceived hole they have in themselves. i.e. "once I lose this extra weight, THEN I'll be happy!"; "once I find the perfect girl (or guy), THEN I'll be happy!", or the perfect house, location, job, etc. Often it can be an undefined longing for something that feels out of reach ... a lot of people feel this way, I think, which is sad.

    My favorite line is "times that we met, before that we met". Also "you weren't there, but you were" ... it perfectly describes that deja vu longing that keeps returning. People often repeat this pattern in relationships or keep making the same mistakes because they don't know what's really driving them .. like "the rider" in the song, chasing "something he don't understand".

    Fucking great song, and the music fits it perfectly. The main motif sounds like something out of an old 60's horror or mystery film.
    Hawkeye2008on November 23, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI remember hearing that Socrates believed in an immortal soul, and he thought it would explain things like deja vu. Some of the lines in Mystery Zone remind me of that, and the idea that maybe you could have known someone in a past life ("times that we met, before we met"; "how come it feels so familiar, when you've never been there?") and maybe will know them again in another, recognizing them as your soulmate ("when you know love, when you find it for real, it contains the emotion sense of...")

    I don't think the song is actually ABOUT this, I think that's sort of the poetry being used to talk about young love and running away together into new possibilities.
    Artroon August 11, 2015   Link

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