How do you want it?
How does it feel?
Comin' up as a nigga in the cash game
Livin the fast-lane life for real

Izza Kizza, where your business at?
Where yo business at, 'cause I want it bad

Make me more money
Dip your hands into my honey [x2]

She said, "Kizza, give me one more chance,
Kizza Kizza give me one more chance"
Kizza Kizza, where yo business at?
You know how I do
I still got hos from high-huh-high school
Ain't none like you
My swagga's so avi
Yeah they want it bad
I make 'em go crazy
Next generation, I am radical, baby
I just grab and go
Basically, I'm baggin yo' lady
Came from rags to the riches
Don't be mad how I did it
I'll be gone, 20-40
I'll be back in a minute
I'm clean like ting, like I just left the dentist
I'm strong to the finish
Follow me, come with Kizza

I'll be the first one out the door
I'll be the first one on the floor

Yeah, it's like that
I do it how it's supposed to be done
I'm King Kong on that honey bun
More bounce to the ounce, count me in
Money like rims, I keep spen-in-in-in-in
I keep grindin' and I
I keep shinin' and I
I go out of town and
you can't find a nigga
All colors and (uh)
all kinds of women
I'll bout done
somewhat economic nigga
After you, pack it up then stop
Tie it on, then cop
I ain't with that window shoppin'
I get it po-po-po-po-poppin'
like the collar of a rich man
Why still standin' there, girl? Get in

I'll be the first one out the door
I'll be the first one on the floor

Itchy kitchy kitchy down my back [x3]
As a matter of fact, I like it like that

You know that momma, when you want it
I got it like Sam Goody
I'll give it to you so good,
you'll be like, "Take the damn cookies"
These rookies don't know how to love you right
I know you sick of them children
and baby I'm a grown man
My place or your place?
Really it don't matter, I'm showin' you the Oh Face
I'll give to you good, I guarantee you won't wake up
I'll be punchin' bag in an earthquake
I'll give you something special, spiritual, and Biblical
If that waist was any better, then it would be invisible
If that ass was any phatter, it would be so ridiculous
So what, is you leavin' with me?
Why you laughin'? I'm serious

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