"So Long Farewell" as written by and David Paul Simonett Ryan David Young....
I heard an angel sing hey, hey, hey
Made your Jesus and Mary chain chain chain
She was loaded and knocked out on the marble tiles again

I put an angel to sleep sleep sleep
major feelings of feelings went creep creep creep
I was watching her kung-fu through the darkness and the dreams

I wonder why she's so fragile and I wonder why she never smiles
she's the saddest music in the world tonight

She had a fever burn burn burn
Holy watering eyeballs churn churn churn
She was violently comatose the best part of the day

Several hours went bye bye bye
She crawled out from the blankets and sigh sigh sighed
She clambered into purgatory once the sun went down

I wanted to help so badly
But my help just prolonged her decent
She's the saddest music in the world tonight

So long, farewell
May I see you when its over

Goodnight, good luck
I hope it all works in your favor

So long, old friend
Take my words and think them over

So long, farewell
You're the saddest music in my world tonight

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    General CommentI tried my best with the lyrics, I wasn't sure about a few spots and they weren't posted anywhere online yet. any thoughts on the meaning? I think its about a religious girl who is depressed. Or religion plays some role in her sadness, explaining all the references such as jesus, mary, purgatory, etc...This song makes me so sad.
    Lilacsweetieon January 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI personally like to think this song is about a friend of the singer's who committed suicide.

    I wanted to help so badly
    But my help just prolonged her decent
    She's the saddest music in the world tonight

    He tried to help her but it only prolonged her life, not actually helping her.
    LGFuad540on February 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFor some reason when I hear this song I think of a small child who is being taken care of by someone such as a relative when she has lost her family. This is probably not what it's about, but this what it makes me think of it.
    For me the person that this song talks about sounds so completely innocent to me.
    Landboundon February 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis seems to be about a girlfriend who has a drug or alcohol addiction that is ruining her life. No matter how supportive he is with her, she keeps on her cycle of getting wasted every night and sleeping through the day. At some point he realizes that his support is doing nothing but slowing her plummet to the bottom, so he decides to leave her. It is obvious that he thinks the world of her, but leaving is the only option left. He hopes that she can pull herself out of her downward spiral, and will be there if she does.

    This is a change of pace for Justin as the roles are usually reversed in his songs like in Resolution where his girlfriend is taking care of him after his benders.
    2marinerssurviveon February 05, 2010   Link

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