you remember that night when we said we'd last forever
no matter what happens we will go on together
it seemed so real i trusted you meant it
what happened because i dont understand where all of that passion went
i dont know maybe it just wasnt meant to be
but i want you to know that it meant everything to me
i thought that you were being honest with me the past two years
what changed so recently to make you change your mind?
i just wish that i could understand it from your perspective
but you dont respect me enough to let me know.
which really sucks because you know i would of done anything for you
anything all you had to do was ask.
i will hate forever how this ended
and i have given you every opportunity to explain yourself you just dont feel the need
it must be greed but i thought you were better then that
maybe i was wrong, maybe i was wrong

as we walk along this park.
it is where it happened
and i cant talk
but you seem so fine
and i am by your side
please show me a sign

and then you blow, off your plans
just to be with me
i dont understand
how you seem so fine
like everything's alright
forget the other night

maybe i wasnt ready to see you yet
maybe it is just to soon to forget
but why did you kiss me?
why did you kiss me repeatedly

and then you say that you regret
everything that you just did
this doesnt help my head
its hard to sleep with all this stress

maybe i wasnt ready to see you yet
maybe it is just to soon to forgive
but why did you kiss me?
why did you kiss me repeatedly

please quit playing with my head
cuz i dont get it
but you seem fine with everything
meanwhile i am fighting to breathe
please stop doing this to me
i beg please just use honesty
thats all i need, just be honest with me.

what you did to me was horrible, yeah
but that doesnt mean that everything
that came before it has disappeared
our memories will remain forever
it does no good trying to forget these things
lets just remember the good times
as we move on to another path
Its makes the most sense
we have no more time for being bitter
atleast i don't.
even though i still wish that you would
apologize for how you dealt with this.
you have to realize that you were wrong
i mean dont you?
you cant possibly think that that was the mature way to handle the situation
but then again i cant say that you should.

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