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Baby why are you wasting time crying
Like it’s the only thing to do?
Baby don't you worry, yourself crying
Your instinct's all that's guiding you

Baby don't you worry, yourself crying
I could see the sadness in your eyes
Baby why are you wasting time crying
Trying to find out the reasons why?

Baby don't believe them when they say it
Love is just a feeling that you give
You’re the universe and you'll know all I need
Tell me all the secrets that I forget

Ooh-yeah-yeah, oooh-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
All right, ooh yeah, all right

Just watch the lights go down over this town
Watch the Thames weave down, wind it's way round
Watch the city boys leave, full of bluster
Oh where are we now?
Aint it easy for you as a kid
To get yourself so messed up
We don't know, we don't know (oh yeah)
We don't know, we don't know (oh yeah)
We don't know, we don't know
we don't know, we don't know (a-ha)

Fame, a celebrity culture, flash light, flash light
Fame, a bullet proof bathroom
Inside she's fixing up
Fame, a sealing-up number one
Vacuum, a vacuum
Fame, miracle accent,
Inside, start it up
Shoot it up, shoot it up, shoot it up, shoot your gun
Fame, the vanity mistress
Fame, the mirror of the wet dream
And I look, and I'm feeling that accent
Dying on the inside, I’m dying on the inside
Love's like oxygen
Love's like oxygen
Love's like oxygen
Love's like oxygen
Love's like oxygen

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    My InterpretationI have two interpretations of this song.

    The first, and more certain, is that it is a warning from The Verve to any beginners or young people about going through a lifetime of being a musician. It's very autobiographical, and the title "Columbo" could mean that just like Christopher Columbus, they've been around the world and explored through all of the good and all of the bad of the lifestyle that they ended up in. They're saying you'll begin with rejection and crying (from a record label or a bad audience), and then question your own ability and have just "your instinct" (musical creativity) to guide you. Then it will be easy to get yourself so messed up, and if you make it you end up on the inside of a vain culture of fame, celebrities, drugs, guns, so on. Your "miracle accent" (gifted singing voice) will die, because you have strained your vocal chords too much, from giving 150-200 concerts per year. And after this journey/career, you'll be very desperate for love, because you did not get any of it in a true form through all of those years. It's amazing how so many big name musicians seem to be our idols and would seem to have a very enjoyable life, but they're not fulfilled from it at all - because they've been on the inside of showbiz and have been sucked into all of its wrongs that us simple fans could never even imagine.

    The second - and the mention of the Thames makes me question it, but still - is that this song is a European observation of present day America. As in, Columbo sailed across the Atlantic and that has since turned into our disastrous culture of messed up kids, shallow celebrities, wet dreams for fame, guns and shootings, etc.
    MikeVoyager1on March 22, 2014   Link

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