Livin' in the basement and losin' my mind
Smokin' mother nature until i go blind
And if you live long enough you're bound to see it all
For example take the girly apparition in my hall
Shakin' her finger and lookin' at me
But there's something not right about the way she sees

She got white eyes
She say everybody here gonna have white eyes
(she got white eyes)
A mess, Under Three Paper Glasses
on glass, on glass, on glass, on glass

Now a week in the country is just what i need
It gets so quiet i can hear myself bleed
And there's a moon on the mountain
A wind through the trees
And i still couldn't tell you how that ghost girl receives
She seems to be committin' an optical crime
She is a spectre spectacle lookin' at me all the time

With white eyes
She say everybody here gonna have white eyes
(she got white eyes)
When they die
And if you got those baby blues,
Baby get ready to kiss them goodbye
(goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)

Sights are no longer what they might seem
As her freight train picks up it's head of steam
There's no clear line between death and dream
And the ferocious haze of love

Now the gates are swingin' open and i'm comin' through
And i can hear the choir start singin' they tune
As i take my last steps t'wards that guidin' light
I can hear that ghost laughin' as my eyeballs turn white

(i got white eyes)
I say everybody here gonna have white eyes
(i got white eyes)
like me
Aint until you lose your sight that you know just what it means to see

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    My InterpretationWell, obviously about death, the girl is a ghost watching him, and then he dies and gets the white ghosts eyes. Never really got it til I knew what the lyrics were though haha, thought it was a coke song. Another great hit though.
    Seryllon February 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt might be more about drugs and death. The narrator is a drug addict and the ghost is a girl/lover that OD'd. She is warning the narrator of her fate.

    White eyes might mean getting off the drugs as opposed to red eyes that is common from drug use.

    White eyes might also refer to eyes rolling back into your head; perhaps during a seizure.

    Either way the white eyes (being sober or ODing) are scary for the narrator. The girl might just be a hallucination too.

    The second verse might represent the narrator getting clean but the former lover still haunting him. He might be urging to relapse ("It's gets so quiet I can hear myself bleed")
    HowardTCoon August 19, 2011   Link

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