It’s possible to love someone
And not treat them in the way that you want
It’s possible to see your eyes
Be the devil in disguise with another front
And, it’s possible to change this world
Revolutionise the boys and girls
It’s possible to educate
The next generation that will rule the world someday

The changing times of the 21st century
Means nothing to me cos I would rather be
At the beginning of time, earth would be mine
Living in luxury
Discovering a world out there
Believing in the sun earth water and air
Take me there so I could see the world bloom
Standing on a sea cliff howling at the moon
Creating a world for the open minded
A unique perception of truth inside it
I know we could find it
It’s just a matter of where and when we collectively decide it
The world is not a vicious place
It’s just the way we’ve been raised
Discovering time and space
I know that we could make a change
Rearrange the way that we appreciate the world today

It’s possible to love someone..

Now as i start to put my mind into words
I stall I fall I’m loosing it all, my inhibitions
The thought of wasting a way
The fact that the music’s at a place not far away
Yet I stray and stick to my world
In love with my life my beliefs and a girl
Is it luck that I love this crazy place, the human race?
Don’t get me wrong I still think we could change
But this life and the fact that time exists
And were here and we don’t come equipped with it all
Half the fun is learning and I’m having a ball
While the world keeps turning my role is small
But I’ll make a change
I hope you’re feeling the same way
I hope you’re seeing what I say

It’s possible to love someone..

In this concrete jungle we live
Our survival is love that we give
Now my instinct is guiding my way
It’s true what they say
The world is your chance to create

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    General CommentOMG - How has no one commented on this??? Sublime and 311 WHO???? This guy blows both of them out of the water! Pure amazing!

    I've listened to this song over & over and would LOVE to hear someones interpretation on this song. From what i've gathered, he's content with his life, BUT, he's trying to find out exactly what his life is about. Why is he here? What is his objective in life? He knows what his goal is, but he's not there quite yet.

    cb06on September 08, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI personaly think that he is talking about how he is traped in this world,
    he tryes to put up with it but he is awere of and he knows that something is wrong out there that things aren't like they suposed to be..
    and this is killing him he would like to change some things and he thinks that this is posibble but we just have to believe..
    even though he would like to change things he is just one man who can not do any differences
    so he hopes that out there are people who thinks the same like him and someday the change will come and this world will better place to live in
    And I just love the lines
    "cos I would rather be
    At the beginning of time, earth would be mine
    Living in luxury
    Discovering a world out there"
    because sometimes I just imagine what would it be if i would be at the beginning of time and be the first human out there with all the power to start all over again...
    Maybe I mixed the meaning of this song and the other of DUB FX called Society gates but I think that he is pretty much saying the same thing in both of the songs.
    I just love Dub FX, his lyrics and his way of seeing this world!
    SamantaMon March 03, 2011   Link
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    General Comment@cb06
    Personally, I prefer 311 a bit more.
    But I digress.

    Pretty much I agree with your interpretation.
    xXxwayosniparsxXxon February 02, 2011   Link
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    General CommentVery good. :)
    emuInAmuumuuon June 02, 2012   Link

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