[indecipherable Swedish speech]
In the studio gettin' high
In the street gettin' high
In the country gettin' high
Or maybe

In the studio gettin' drunk
In the street gettin' drunk
In the country gettin' drunk
And I don't know why

And I don't know why
And I cannot lie
'Cause we do what we do
And when we do we do or die

And I can't explain
But I like cocaine
Don't like my brain
That's why I drink champagne

And you don't want to ask
But you wanna know
Am I from the West Coast?
Doesn't sound so...

You wanna know?
We wanna fly
I don't need what you got anyhow

So leave me alone
I got this on my own
I got here on my own
Soon I'll be gone

[Charles Manson:
I don't pretend to go uptown or be anything fancy... I could... but... I find more real in the world that I'm in.

Remorseful for what? You people have done everything in the world to me! Doesn't that give me equal right? I can do anything I want to you people, and anytime I want to, because that's what you've done to me! If you spit in my face and smack me in the mouth and throw me in solitary confinement for nothing... what do you think is gonna happen when I get out of here?!]

Oh, no, so you wanna know what I know?
I'm me, what's new?
So now who the fuck are you?

My hood, s'all good
Keep ya feelin' like ya knew I would
So hungry, so young
Lay back, ya know that song

My way, what it look like?
All day, with a glide

Never lose, never choose to
Confuse you
What we do
Wanna do us, sue us?
Wanna do us like ya knew us?

And you don't know us
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
You do what you do
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
We do what we do

[I don't know anybody! I haven't a friend in the world!]

I've got money on my mind
No where else, no
All I got is time
For myself, some
People call me blind
But all you need in this mean world

I want it all
I want it all, now
You want it too
At least I know how

People call me blind
But all you need in this mean world

I don't know what you've been told
But this place is where you wanna go
You're home is where your heart is
I'm not the one who starts shit
I'm the one who...

I make you spend your money
Make you pretend I'm funny
I'll make you cum then I'll go on and leave you, honey
Don't leave me honey...

[This is real life.]

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    General Comment[indecipherable Swedish speech]

    Org. Swedish
    "Det är inte bara ångest, utan också en längtan...
    en längtan att ehh...inte bara att förskjuta, utan att vilja delta i den gemenskapen som samhället borde bestå i."

    Eng Trans.
    "It´s not only anxiety, it´s also a yearning...a yearning to...
    not only to procrastinate, but to...
    have the will to participate in the fellowship that the sociaty should consist in"
    herrsafton January 19, 2010   Link

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