We take food from food, we put pressure on pressure
We fill open spaces with dead time, no one knows whats real
Whats vague enough to be a hit
Or white babies dancing in the fields, some see planes and think "Where will I go"?
Elsewhere, some see planes and are shattered into stars
I close my eyes all I see is blood, all anyone wants is a soft bed in a cell
We get a hard sell and there's nothing left to buy
So we throw up our hands like it's a stick up or a New York rap show
Or someone being held in a stress position, reaching for a god that ain't there
Forced to confess for slitting a politician's throat

But that bitch is still running around
And I'm still pouring halos in my roof, trying to find a higher power
Or strain the chlorine out of my drinking water
Paying taxes is white power, success is white powder
My grandmothers ashes were white and gray powder in the snow
Tell me whats real, I'll tell you if its false
And I'll be more real than living in the dark
A picture is worth a thousand words
I should pose more and write less
Don't talk about the war
Our boys will be home by the time this album drops
And no one will ever die again, and then we're gonna live like the Jetsons...

Which side are you on?

Whether we're living up to ugliness, or standing up for whats good
Some sleep with rotting fish heads, maggots avoid me while I dance around disaster
And you'll thank me when I'm powerful, I'd help everyone
Powers a lukewarm drink, I like mine bottled at the source
I never liked ambition, but give me a second chance
I don't wanna get blood in your limo, I couldn't afford an ambulance
When I die, bury pieces of me in the places I've loved
Or take what's left in the urn, down down down
I'm the warden's favorite, he pours petrol in my grits
Hates my 9-11 jokes, gives me a broom and tells me to clean the forest
Meanwhile they need us, we spread love with uranium bullets
Back then we taught Leviticus in Spanish by musket
Red cloud was a friend of mine, I told him I wouldn't let that shit stand
Now on his land they say act like a professional, you have to pray on the poor
And they say, be a gentlemen and then you never ever see the poor
Its a fools errand to work for others your life long
I just wanna get drunk around a camp fire and sing union songs

Red is coming back
Black is coming back
Black is the new forest green
Black is the new ruby red
Atomic white is the new neon
Death is the color of white
Grays is the new blues
And charred black is the new spring condominium

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