You think the ship is weathering the storm?
I think the vessel's been bombed too many times
The ocean is huge and unforgiving
The engineer is drunk in the captains cabin
I'm building a raft cuz I forgot how to swim
I'm into the current with no hopes of finding a new continent
Who's gonna pick you up out of this place?
No forgotten saints will hide your tears in the waves

It's been seventy days since you've touched the ground
Your rib cage is in operate, your stomach is a graveyard
Your teeth are falling out, you'll never eat your words at this pace
All hands on deck, legs quivering in place
500 sharks swimming in a cult is your fate
Blistering and broken, all hope has left your face

You remember the last words of your crewmates
Deep down you tell yourself they were capture by pirates
They're in a better place, or better yet drowning in a puddle of Earth's sweat
You let it calm your feet, feel a nibbling and it slips away
Look under what's left of your lifeboat, so much food it was there all along
You use yourself for bait before it slips away
And when it rains upon your mouth and drink and you'll see another day

You thought the ocean was a concrete jungle
Through on your game face, in the face of nothing
They went and threw a coffin to the wind
But your life was not swallowed by the ocean
The fish were caught, dried, you lasted for weeks
No terrible storms tore threw your home
And you wake up with a violent pecking in your back
You lie still, blood rushes through your skull
Grab it's feet, broke a wing and cracked its neck
Dry it in the sun, soon you're gaining weight

And on the ocean floor so much treasure, so many stolen lives
So mane slave masters and stolen skulls in Trinidad reefs
Might someday make a nice tourist visit
The millionaires and musicians and so many young'ns from the Titanic
Still waiting for dinner to be served, waiting to be brought up from the bottom
The joke is over, my thoughts wander, I wish I knew a sea song
I wish I had a knife, I wish I had some sun block
But I'd rather be alone at sea, than on that boat with no food
People turn cannibal, even crabs in a barrel are edible
Out here I've learned to feet myself, how to entertain and destroy myself
I'm floating in wine and it feels like brine
The sharks are gone, the sun goes down by my mind stays on
No drugs, no booze, no calls from mom
When your days are unnumbered, you're immortal
Nobody knows how long I was gone, cuz I never told anyone I found land
How'd I survive? I threw myself to the wind and when I was hungry
I used my soul for bait
In deaths jaws, I laughed and kicked and screamed and sang
Till my lungs were filled with the blood of men and women who never made it this far
I used us all for bait, I used them all for bait
You have no fate, no faith, only that of a stone in space

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