I'm a million organisms swimming to the stars
I'm a million words old chasing lost cause, face is all scars
This is all it is, us vs us vs moss growing on my chin
Non-regenerating limbs non-regenerating mind
Once I forgot myself, twice I forgot myself
I'm no longer me, but I'm still suck with this face
This place in time is mine
No enough kerosene, not enough dirt to cover,
Not enough glass to stain, not enough buttons on my phone
Look at all the miserable people in the world
Pity them, pity them, pity them

Watch the chickens in the trucks, passing on the highway
Think of all the wasted bullets in the desert
Or all the voices in the wild, as the wolf drags himself back to his cave
Its been a long summer, all the food is gone
Should he head for the city and become a family dog?
Then he though, better starve on the run than get fat in the cage
Out here there is water, where there is water there is life
Where there is water in pipes, humanity is pumped in, that ain't right

We don't belong, we won't be long, we can't be strong, we'll all be gone soon
Then I'll be done or so he though, sawder up your chest, slaughter up your heart

I want a medal, there are no stripes on my back no dots on my forehead
Yet I've fail, I told em' can walk through fences, I can live off electricity
But a man can't live off caffeine alone
A wolf can't live on the moon
Without the sun its all rocks
In the dark, bugs are at war
Finding food, finding love raising empires and getting stomped out

I like a dream with a short lifespan, watch it come alive in your bare hands
Your bloody hands grateful, then spiteful, then retired to some bingo
Counting wrinkles, pulling out gray hairs, gotta look presentable
Dress like you're twenty, feel like your sixty, it's philosophy
What it does, like rain and limestone
What you've become, gone

Something like a hole, sorta like a well
Nothing like a puddle, not quite a jail
Or a crystal that traps half a soul
Summing up a life is like strolling on the beach
Or talking to a kid, or saving a baby bird

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