Years ago on a caravan, my cover was blown
Now I roam confused, till my home is in the loam
Where the black hawks hunt, where I lost my gun in a cavern of rust
Never on my knees when I'm on my back
Tell you where you could go, if I had the time
And since I don't, I pine the walls
Of piled up pills and bad advice
And outstretched arms can't catch the sky
Especially when meteors they blacken your eyes
And I've been down most of them roads
And left the bodies and forgot the codes
Nothing is sacred, everything is for sacrament
When nothing is left, pull out a camera and shoot yourself

Nothings gonna peel the pain, nothings gonna save your health
This songs about nothing, cuz nothings gonna love you back
And nothings gonna pay your rent, nothings waiting on you in the end
Nothings gonna fix your life, nothings what you get when you're hungry
Cuz nothing's gonna bring the hunt, ain't nothing gonna bring the hunt

They can't paint me, my skin is a stainless glass
They can't save up the pennies to pay me back
For the teeth I've lost, tried to out-eat a dragon
For the life I've lived, tried to outrun the dragon in me
Pay attention to your feet while you scuffle the landscape
Disturb no flowers, step on no insects
Forget your powers, they're useless here
People use to care, now they worship garbage
But these is recycled times we livin' in
End of simple things, everything is everything now
Hold a cross to my head, if I had a god
Hold my cards to my deck, if I had a chest
Favorite books are waterlogged, my eyes are heavy
The lines get weightless, only in space when the world is wasted
You'll know you're living a dream by the was that you chase it

They wanna know how I do it
I wanna why I do it
I got my reasons like I got my demons
Although I play the devil he ain't got nothing on me
But a couple of years, a couple of rocks
Thought it was a puddle and got lost in a raindrop
And I still ain't hit Earth yet
Let me in I'm dry ice, trying to keep warm
I'm in a pattern of ghosts and chains and wolves
And you don't wanna see ballin', I mean crying,
I mean, putting these thoughts into action
We all suffer from a lack of talent, a lack of patience
A lack of feedback when you're howling in the vacuum
They say everyone's an expert after they go through it
You must be a failure if you're still in it
I say everyone's a failure after they go through it
You're only a expert while you're still in it

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